Manage all projects from one easily accessible place. Control budget spending and oversee project completion ensuring smooth data flow thanks to integration with external tools.


  • Controls budget spending and digitises requests for budget changes
  • Automates communication with your subcontractors & suppliers by gathering the best commercial offers
  • Highlights and recommends offers from your special contractors according to your own customised criteria
  • Automatically prepares contract renewals and tracks orders & work deliveries from your special contractors
  • Integrates with external tools for complete project management
  • Offers secure data storage based in the cloud and restricted access rights
  • Gives you control over vendors, contracts, regulations, buyers, and spending


How it works

Procurement is a business process that allows you to plan, execute and control purchasing materials and labour for your construction projects. By using Archdesk features connected to the Procure to Pay (P2P) solution, you bring all of your purchase-to-pay processes into one, multifunctional platform. You get full control over each stage while also being able to oversee all activities from one operation centre and easily manage buying, approvals, compliance, payments, subcontractors and suppliers.

The process

  • Budget plan
  • BOQ (Bill of Quantities) preparation
  • Tender & Bidding management
    The system is able to analyse the data and recommend the best option according to your own customised criteria
  • Purchase Order & Contract organisation
    Purchase Order Amendments/Contract Amendments can be automatically generated by the system according to the project’s completion
  • Valuations & List of works
    Archdesk analyses the reports, delivered goods and completed stages, and then uses this data to show you the budget spending and project state
  • Purchase Invoices
    The whole documentation flow is automated and controlled. The invoices are accepted automatically or manually - each time having to pass all acceptance stages
  • Payments & Project Completion
    The whole process is managed from one platform. Integration with external software allows you to securely exchange data and boost efficiency


When can you use it?

The Procure to Pay process can be used to manage any project in your company: from budgeting, purchasing, to final payments and project completion. Use it to:

  • Manage internal and external communication connected to the project;
  • Control budget spending, purchase orders, and all finances from one place;
  • Speed up the work, save labour hours and boost efficiency
  • Automate processes and digitise document flow

Each document needs to pass through a custom approval process which prevents data loss and miscommunication.


Who can use it?

The procurement process is used by various types of companies of different sizes, from SMBs to Enterprises. Our solution is recommended for:

  • General contractors
  • Specialist contractors
  • Suppliers

Even so, our process can be tailored to any business, big or small.



With this solution, you will achieve:

  • Regulated spending

    A clear view of the budget state with automatic updates connected to Purchase Order Amendments and project compilation, ensuring project profitability.

  • Organised management

    One tool used for multiple departments and multiple projects, digitising the processes, controlling each stage and ensuring data security.

  • Full control

    The acceptance stage is crucial for all processes. No document and no decision should be sent forward without control and acceptance from a designated person. Tracking all activities in the system allows you to have complete control.

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