Project Finance

Manage all project finance from one easily accessible place. Control your project’s financial health, store all needed documentation and ensure smooth data flow thanks to the integration with your favourite accounting software.

The Benefits

  • Control over budget spendings at each financial stage of the project
  • Integration with external accounting systems (like Xero or Quickbooks)
  • All project financial documentation stored in one place, accessible at anytime
  • Saved time thanks to an automated creation of project financial documents
  • Accelerated communication with subcontractors & suppliers
  • Minimised risk of mistakes or data duplication thanks to software integration with accounting systems
  • Secured data storage, cloud-based, with restricted access rights


How it works

The main aim of the Project Finance tool is to manage the whole process from one platform with smooth information flow. The solution allows you to plan, track and control your spendings within the project. You can see all information in detailed, easy-to-read dashboards, which help you react quickly to any changes in the project. Moreover, integration with external accounting systems allows you to securely exchange data and boost efficiency.

The process

  • Budget plan
    Depending on your company’s needs, create a budget for your project to monitor the origin of each cost and its impact on profitability. The financial dashboard in the software monitors the project’s financial health, providing your up-to-date information.
  • Quotes/ BOQ (Bill of Quantities)
    Based on the budget, you can generate two-faced quotes. In the software, you see both: the quotes managed internally with wholesale prices and the documents with prices for your clients. Two-faced quotes give you a clear view of project profitability as the difference (profit) between the budget and project value is calculated in the software.
  • Tendering Process
    According to your specific project’s needs, you can also carry out the tendering process with support from Archdesk. In the software, set the evaluation criteria, create personalised template invitations and choose the best subcontractor based on your financial determinants.
  • Purchase Orders
    Manage your procurement from the system! You can generate a purchase order based on BOQ or tenders, speeding up the whole process (no need to enter the data twice). All purchases can be seen in a dashboard, with the stage of the order, value and connected financial documents, which can later speed up the work of the accounting department.
  • Reports
    Thanks to automatisation, you can create reports from the software’s financial sections faster and without the risk of data loss. Also, depending on your needs, you can customise and configure dashboards to show only the essential data.
  • Payments
    Last but not least, Archdesk supports you in tracking your payments. The software shows the claims and liabilities of the project. After the needed payments are made, the payments’ records can be stored in the software per specific project, accessible at any time.
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We are here to support proper project management. Our tool gives you the possibility to monitor and enhance the financial health of your projects. However, we are aware that for specific accounting activities, you might need another tool. That is why our software can be easily integrated with the most popular accounting systems like Xero, QuickBooks!

How does it work? You can create financial documents in the software and send them directly to the accounting system. The connection is secured, and there is no risk of data loss. Also, thanks to configurable access rights, you can allow your accountants to have a view of all projects’ financial specifications.

As a result, the whole financial process is streamlined, simplified and transparent. Moreover, documentation exchange and storage is organised and you can feel the control over the project’s financial side, once and for all!

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When can you use it?

Profitability is crucial at any stage of the project! That is why the project finance tool will benefit any type of activities in your company: from early budget plans, through the creation of purchase and sales invoices, to final reports and project completion.

Use it to:

  • Monitor financial health of any project
  • Speed up work, save labour hours and boost efficiency
  • Control budget spending, purchase orders and all finances from one place
  • Avoid mistakes or data duplication in the software and accounting system
  • Accelerate your internal and external communication with financial data flow


Who can use it?

The Project Finance tool will be helpful for any type of company, from SMBs to Enterprises as in almost every project, we need to deal with budget plans, purchase orders or invoices. However, for certain roles inside your company, we can distinguish specific benefits of this solution:

  • Project Managers

    Real-time control over the project’s financial health with a clear cash flow and cost management

  • Upper Management

    A monthly, quarterly and yearly high-level report and overall project performance control

  • Accountants

    A smooth transfer to an accountant system for full accounting purposes (like generating P&L statement)

We are aware that each business has its own specifics. That is why we are proud of being configurable! During the Implementation Process, we tailor our solution according to your needs.



With this solution you will achieve:

  • Financial control

    Get a clear view of the planned budget, all expenses and spendings for each category. The current status of the project is shown on various, up-to-date dashboards, which will help you make decisions and ensure profitability.

  • Organised documentation

    All needed financial documentation stored in one place, transparent and accessible anytime. Purchase invoices connected with purchase orders and suppliers, and sales invoices easily discoverable in the system associated with clients and quotes.

  • Improve Communication

    Achieve better control over the transferred documents as they cannot be sent without approval from the designated person. Additionally, access rights can be tailored to your needs.

  • Time for new investments

    Save time thanks to the automation of invoices or reports and integration with your accounting system. There is no risk of double work or mistakes while reentering data, which gives you spare time for new investments.

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