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The 11 Best Construction Reporting Software Tools in 2023


Are you in need of fast and efficient office to site communication?

See Reporting in Archdesk

Successful project completion requires a disciplined approach to project reporting supported by good construction reporting software and tools.

Read on to find the top 11 you can invest in today, based on a thorough examination and reviews from trusted sites like Capterra and G2.

1. Archdesk

View on Archdesk construction management software displayed on laptop and mobile phone

Archdesk is a cloud-based management solution designed to help you with any construction challenge. With our system, you can control projects, finances, assets, and more.

In Archdesk, you can see all your construction data immediately- no more waiting for a paper report from a construction site.

All your information is digitised, which means you know what’s happening on your projects all the time. And based on that, you can make strategic, data-driven decisions.

The top five features that can help you improve and benefit from your reporting process:

1. Build any type of report you need 

Do you want to keep track of accidents that happen on the construction site? Or monitor waste management? No problem. 

In our software, you can quickly build any report and compare it with the selected period in the past. Tracking numbers has never been so easy. 

2. Have access to your data in real-time

Solve the laboured communication in your company. With Archdesk, you can track everything that happens on your projects thanks to real-time data available in the system. 

Your team can fill out the report while still on-site, and you get it the minute it’s uploaded to the software. No more waiting forever for information coming late from your site crew.

3. Save time thanks to automation

Keeping track of what’s happening on your projects is one thing. But updating complex spreadsheets with new data is a whole new challenge. Luckily, Archdesk has tools to support you with both. 

The software always shows you an updated, real-time situation on your projects. The reports update automatically whenever there’s a change -without any manual effort from your side. 

4. Make decisions based on data you can trust

Don’t let your projects fail due to slow and inefficient communication. With Archdesk, you can see what’s happening in your company within a few clicks and react quickly to any risks. 

Make data-driven, reasonable decisions thanks to Archdesk, the source of information you can trust. 

5. Control processes both on the project and the company level

Archdesk is an end-to-end solution. It means you can track not only what’s happening on your projects but also the company situation from a business perspective.

Create insightful reports, secure your financial stability and flourish your business- all with Archdesk reporting solution.

What do people think about Archdesk?

"The interface and simplicity of the system is concise and it allows all users to quickly pick up how the system works with minimum effort.

"The dashboard layout is fantastic as you can customise what information you want to see in real time without having to wait an age with older systems to download into a spreadsheet."

-Capterra Review

Does Archdesk have the reporting tools to work in the United Kingdom construction industry?

Yes, Archdesk has all kinds of solutions necessary to benefit UK companies.

At the same time, the software is highly configurable, so it can adapt to different market requirements (we have customers all over Europe, the Middle East, and the US).

Does Archdesk have daily report software functions?

Yes. You can build any report in Archdesk. What limits us is only your imagination.

See Reporting in Archdesk

2. eSub Construction Software

This image showcases the Drive dashboard of eSub Construction Software for saving all project related documetation and files

eSub Construction management software is designed especially for equipping construction businesses with field-related activities.

Keeping in mind the field workers, the platform contains relevant project management functionalities for reporting, data entry, daily logging, etc.

You can manage both back-office tasks and field activities to ensure quality and safety for your workers.

What do you get with eSub Construction Software:

  • Dedicated mobile app for time tracking, reporting and scheduling labour

  • Management system for tracking costs, overruns and productivity

  • Saving and quick access to documents

  • Job costing and financial budgeting

What do people think about eSub Construction Software?

ESub allows us to quickly and effectively upload pictures and communicate on the job site information. This instant access to on the job information allows us to effectively communicate within our office and our field users to allow us to invoice and order supplies in real time without a need for waiting until the end of the day. We would like for there to be no limits on users.

-G2 Review

In the end, this is not saving time since the GCs do not use this platform for submittals and daily reports and this is not an accounting software also.

-Capterra Review


  • Job summary page features

  • Good change order and submittal tracking

  • Ease of use


  • Inadequate accounting features

  • Inadequate integrations

  • Lacks notifications and reminder features

Does eSub have the reporting tools to work in the United Kingdom construction industry?

No, it's a US-based company, so they do not have dedicated features available.

Does eSub have daily report software functions?

Yes, eSub's construction management software includes daily logging and reporting.

3. Insight SoftwareThis image showcases the Insight Construction Reporting Software in laptop screen illustration

Insight software helps construction companies improve planning efficiency with its project management SaaS.

Its features include financial reporting and construction accounting to help you handle project costs. Professionals in project management can seamlessly use this tool dedicatedly for reporting and project planning.

What do you get with Insight Software:

  • Features for creating financial reports and analysis

  • Multiple integrations with Microsoft, ViewPoint, Sage, SAP, etc.

  • Planning and forecasting tools

  • Real-time and customisable report generation

What do people think about Insight Software?

"Works smoothly but lacks imagination. The extension to existing solutions is easy but it lacks in analytic solution that are available in the market for comparable solutions."

- Gartner Review

"There was a learning curve but the product really shows the different applications available for Microsoft Excel. GL Wand has been around for several years due to its availability within the different operating systems."

- Gartner Review


  • Multiple integrations

  • Good support

  • Good for cost management


  • It has a steep learning curve

  • Requires technical knowledge for adding relevant customisation to reports

  • Requires configuration

Does Insight Software have the reporting tools to work in the United Kingdom construction industry?

Yes, it has its offices in the UK but no mention of compliance with UK industry requirements.

Does Insight Software have daily report software functions?

Yes, its features include daily logging and reporting.

4. Fieldwire


Fieldwire is a dedicated construction project management software for handling job sites and job costing.

It enables collaboration and coordination between the office and field in the construction and real estate industry.

Small businesses like general contractors, specialist contractors, architects, etc can use the management tool to ease on-ground operations.

What do you get with Fieldwire:

  • Cloud-based features to view plans and create drawing versions

  • Scheduling and task management platform

  • Track issues in real-time with incident reporting

  • Report generation and digital document management

What do people think about Fieldwire?

"The ease of having plans loaded and the ability to "take them the field" at the click of a mouse! This quick and simple program makes plan management a breeze. I would like to see the price change to options of either users, pages, or projects used on a monthly basis. It would be nice to have options."

- G2 review

"This is yet another supplemental tool to be used in addition to project management software such as Newforma, ProCore, etc. Over the past 20 years I have yet to find the one ring to rule them all, as some software applications thrive with certain tasks and fall well short in others. Currently this software is limited for my use for field reports and punch lists."

- Capterra Review


  • Easy access to drawings and field plans

  • Can track tasks for messages, emails, etc

  • Many collaboration features


  • No text search function

  • Inadequate drawing tools

  • Limited video and image editing features

Does Fieldwire have the reporting tools to work in the United Kingdom construction industry?

Yes, but it's a US headquartered construction management software provider.

Does Fieldwire have daily report software functions?

It has tasks and activity-tracking features for team members.

5. Sitemate

This image illustrates the templates feature of the Sitemate construction management software

Sitemate is a construction management software that helps you streamline your project workflows like job costing, punch lists, field records, etc.

Its features include real-time analytics to keep track of labour, tasks and other important project KPIs. It also has a mobile app and supports contactless signatures for easy resource management irrespective of location.

What do you get with Sitemate:

  • Track defects and incidents

  • Equipment tracking and inventory management platform

  • Subcontractor and management job costing tools

  • Task and training management

What do people think about Sitemate?

I would like to see more work done on the application when used on a smart phone. At present it seems to favour computer screens and i pads, where I have not had any issues at all, but to be 100% effective on a building site it needs to be phone friendly. System sometimes seems unstable and freezes requiring a restart of the phone.

- Capterra Review

Very user friendly, responsive app with great potential for more uses. Workflow format could have a better numbering system that shows what report it is.

- G2 Review


  • Ease of usage

  • Log photos and notes in real time as you inspect fields

  • Good support team


  • Some reviews suggest its a bit slow and laggy sometimes

  • Cannot make changes to forms after approval

  • Needs better customisations for exporting data

Does Sitemate have the reporting tools to work in the United Kingdom construction industry?

Yes, it has offices in the UK, but it's a Syndey-based construction management software solutions provider.

Does Sitemate have daily report functions?

Yes, it includes daily log features.

6. COINS Construction Cloud

This image showcases the Plant Tracking feature of COINS Construction Cloud software management solution

COINS Construction Cloud is a cloud-based tool designed for the complete construction cycle.

Knowing the complexities and risks faced by construction companies, this tool provides you with financial management, supply chain, accounting software, etc.

Their project management tools are usable for both commercial real estate and engineering contractors for their construction projects.

What do you get with COINS Construction Cloud:

  • Contract and License management

  • Document Management tools

  • Cash management and overrun reporting

  • Incident reporting and subcontractor management

What do people think about COINS Construction Cloud?

We were trying to consolidate all our different software and data points used to run the business. While not all have been realized or implemented yet, those that have been has increased productivity in those areas tremendously. The data migration was difficult mapping our old structure to the COINs structure. After a few calls with the COINs team though we got it figured out and imported.

- Capterra Review

It does a lot, and the licencing covers all of the different modules. It's a great database and provided various different options for exporting data which can then be reported on. It's not very intuitive, and I think this is down to there being so much that you can do with it. Users will be require extensive training to really get the best out of COINS.

- G2 Review


  • Has good search management features

  • Good customer support team

  • Good features for mobile app with offline access


  • Steep learning curve

  • Inadequate accounting software tools

  • Lack of customisation in generating reports

Does COINS Construction Cloud have the reporting tools to work in the UK construction industry?

Yes, it is a UK-based construction software solution.

Does COINS Construction Cloud have daily report functions?

It includes time management solutions, which include attendance reporting, tracking machinery and payroll management solutions.

7. Sablono

This image showcases the project management dashboard of the Sablono Project Construction Project Management Software

Sablono is a platform designed as a cloud-based construction management tool for execution.

Its features help improve Jobsite productivity to manage tasks, labour, materials, bid management, etc. Project managers can real-time understand the status of their projects on the field with its field management features.

What do you get with Sablono:

  • Tracks per cent completion on the activity dashboard

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Workflow management

  • Budget tracking and job costing

What do people think about Sablono?

"Its incredibly user-friendly meaning anyone can use the platform. Would ideally like to see future integrations with other internal software in the future."

- Capterra Review

"Perfect tool to ensure Work Inspection are issued on time and as per progress. For residential and flats the tool scheduling and generating look ahead did not really work because of the way we work per floor and not per single flat to launch a trade. Needs more of an automatic approach when trying to generate look ahead."

- Capterra Review


  • Useful mobile access

  • Reviews report ease of use

  • Includes to-do lists and collaboration tools


  • Lack of integration with other SaaS platforms

  • Reviews suggest a laggy user experience

  • Fewer customer reviews across SaaS and product review websites

Does Sablono have the reporting tools to work in the United Kingdom construction industry?

Yes, it is a German headquartered construction management software solution with a UK office, but direct exposure to the UK construction industry is not mentioned on the website.

Does Sablono have daily report functions?

Yes, it has daily log features with analytics.

8. CoConstruct


CoConstruct is a construction project management software to help small business owners across home builders or remodelers with construction management.

It is a cloud-based project management solution that streamlines financial management, customer relationship management and team communication.

Designed to help contractors, construction professionals can use CoConstruct as a one-stop solution for managing their construction projects.

What do you get with CoConstruct:

  • Accounting and budgeting

  • Job scheduling and job costing

  • Project scheduling and timesheet management

  • Web-based platform with mobile apps for easy access

What do people think about CoConstruct?

"There is so much in the program that it can seem a little overwhelming at first, but once you get in there and realize how effective this can make you, your team, and your company, it is worth exploring and ensuring you use every aspect of the platform."

- Capterra Review

"It can require a long time to set up a project - explicitly a rundown of for the most part random things. I gauge a ton of home investigation reports so it's difficult to make a format that I can import for each activity. The customer perspective on some stuff is somewhat less straightforward than I'd like."

- G2 Review


  • Adequate scheduling features with dynamic scheduling
  • Easy to customise templates

  • Photo and file sharing


  • Lack of flexibility with invoicing

  • Reviews suggest user experience can be improved

  • Inadequate reporting features

Does CoConstruct have the reporting tools to work in the UK construction industry?

Yes, but the CoConstruct construction management software is US-based with no direct reference to being compliant with the UK industry.

Does CoConstruct have daily report functions?

Yes, it has daily logs with its timesheet management solution.

9. Procore


Procore is a construction project management software to help construction professionals manage risks and teams for their project execution.

It helps you connect with on-field team members in real-time to ensure your job is done as per the project schedule. Manage your financials, safety and quality along with ensuring efficient project management.

What do you get with Procore:

  • Job management with a feature to manage job cost

  • Project tracking with progress reports

  • Budgeting, billing and invoicing

  • Activity dashboard with forecasting

What do people think about Procore?

"It is expensive- we think it a great investment at this time, but it is nonetheless expensive. if you are looking for a cheap app this is not the one for you. The us-centric language and set up is a minor irritation- the partial attempt at making it Anglophile (changing a few of the function names) is actually worse than useless as the changes just confuse people- the training videos refer to the US terms for things and you can get used to pretty fast, but then they are not called that on your screen."

- Capterra Review

"The platform is primarily contractor driven and requires heavy customisation on the owners' side. This makes it a little more difficult to implement, learn & develop training for end users who may not be embracing of change to start with."

- G2 Review


  • Good search functions

  • Options for automation and integrations

  • Good customer service


  • Non-intuitive user experience

  • Inadequate customisation for forms and reports

  • Inadequate communication features

Does Procore have the reporting tools to work in the UK construction industry?

Yes, but reviews suggest Procore is more customised to the US construction industry and needs customisations.

Does Procore have daily report functions?

Yes, it has daily logs under its time and payroll management solutions.

Here are the top 13 Procore alternatives in 2023.

10. BIM 360 from Autodesk

This image showcases the screen for creating templates in the BIM 360 Autodesk

BIM 360 from Autodesk is a part of Autodesk's Construction Cloud suite of project management tools for streamlining construction businesses across the team's workflows and data.

It helps you deliver projects on time with the necessary quality team safety. You can also manage documents in the centralized platform for quick access and storage.

What do you get with BIM 360 from Autodesk:

  • Web-based functions for data analysis

  • Quality and safety management

  • Document management with submittals

  • Clash detection and trade coordination

What do people think about BIM 360 from Autodesk?

"Not really a dislike but our biggest hurdle with BIM360 is the administrative tasks continue to be very manual. Having thousands of projects, we need to be able to manage members and projects across multiple projects at once."

- G2 Review

"Autodesk Construction Cloud is not cheap. You do have to consider other options if budget is a large constraint. While I feel that we get the best bang for our buck using Autodesk, this is definitely not the least expensive option out there but you must consider the features you get automatically included when you deploy this. This also takes some skill and expertise to get used to."

- Capterra Review


  • Easy onboarding and migration

  • Simple to use User Interface

  • Functionality for managing documents


  • Inadequate markup functions

  • Lack of user roles and access control features

  • Reviews suggest high cost compared to market rates

Does BIM 360 from Autodesk have the reporting tools to work in the UK construction industry?

Yes, but reviews suggest BIM 360 from Autodesk might be more customised to the US construction industry.

Does BIM 360 from Autodesk have daily report functions?

Yes, it has daily logs under their collaboration tools.

11. BuilderTrend

This image is a screenshot of the BuilderTrend construction management software's to-do dashboard

BuilderTrend is a cloud-based software for managing construction projects.

It's built in mind keeping the needs of small business owners across specialty contractors, general contractors, home remodelers, etc.

It enables construction project professionals and small businesses to manage teams for meeting their project timelines, budgets and profit estimates.

You can manage sales workflows, communicate effectively with teams and use tools to keep track of project finances.

What do you get with BuilderTrend:

  • Email marketing and lead management

  • Integrations to connect and collaborate with other SaaS tools

  • Documentation and photos management

  • To-Dos, scheduling and people management solutions

What do people think about BuilderTrend?

"Overall roll out is great and intuitive but you do need to comit to integrating BT to your business and this takes time and effort. This is a software that gives back 10 fold what you put in, but it does need your commitment."

- Capterra Review

"Primarily focused on small construction. It was suitable for smaller general construction and renovation projects. Not suitable larger companies or government construction."

- G2 Review


  • Adequate features for client management

  • Document preservation and management

  • Cloud-based platform


  • The user experience is not very intuitive

  • Poor onboarding and migration to the software

  • Heavily focused on small businesses

Does BuilderTrend have the reporting tools to work in the UK construction industry?

No, the company is headquartered in the US and does not mention compliance with the UK construction industry on its website.

Does BuilderTrend have daily report software functions?

Yes, it has daily logs available under its project management tools.

Here are the best 11 Buildertrend alternatives in 2023.

Get the best reporting and construction management software on the market

Invest in a consistent and disciplined reporting of jobs, inventories and teams to ensure timely and on-budget project completion.

At Archdesk, we understand the quality and safety needs of on-field professionals.

Our construction project management software includes the necessary reporting features to bring real-time communication between field workers and your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can US tech do the same as United Kingdom construction reporting software?

US technology won’t always be the best choice for companies located in the UK.

It’s because US and UK markets have different financial regulations with distinctive tax levels and processes. 

Before you invest in a system, make sure it can support your industry-specific challenges. For example, by choosing configurable software that can adapt to the user’s structure and needs.

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