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9 Best Construction RFI software and tools in 2023

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You can find lots of fantastic RFI software and tools on the market. Archdesk is the best.

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How you deal with Construction RFIs (requests for information) can have a massive impact on getting the project done on time and on budget.

But a proper RFI process might include hundreds of daily requests. You need to manage a constant barrage of information for potentially, years. Every delay in response could cost time and money.

The 9 Best Construction RFI Software

Here is an exhaustive list of the top software for RFIs on the market, including pros, cons and customer reviews.

1. Archdesk

View on the construction project RFIs in Archdesk Construction Management Platform visible in a computer and mobile version

Archdesk is a cloud-based construction management platform. It has lots of modules, including RFI management, built around how you work now.

It’s a low-code, fully customisable platform that can do almost anything you need it to.


  • Cloud-based solution: you can connect with your team and work on RFIs at the same time

  • The RFI process can be fully customised to your company’s needs & structure

  • One single source of truth: information flows automatically inside the platform so that you always work on up-to-date requests


  • Archdesk supports all your construction processes- no need for other tools to fill the gap

  • Your whole company is connected by fast information flow, so you don’t have to worry about data loss or outdated resources

  • Minimum work with the maximum outcome: RFI management process is highly automated, saving your crucial time

  • Safe financial position: track your request’ progress and changes in real-time, and don’t get surprised by any unexpected cost

What Customers Think about Archdesk's RFI Management Tool:

"The interface and simplicity of the system is concise and it allows all users to quickly pick up how the system works with minimum effort.

The dashboard layout is fantastic as you can customise what information you want to see in real time without having to wait an age with older systems to download into a spreadsheet." Chris S. Capterra Source

"For an SME looking for an all round Package to store data, complete quotes, upload photos straight from site, issue Purchase Orders and Invoices, this is a great package and worth the monthly fee." Emma S. Capterra Source

See Archdesk's Solutions

2. ContentSnare

View on the dashboard with requests for information in ContentSnare RFI management software

Content Snare is management software for content and document organisation. It supports users in contacting clients and collecting content & information needed to do the job.


  • One platform to create, track, and store RFIs

  • Tracking tool with a clear view of the in-progress and outstanding RFIs

  • Could solution: your team can work on a specific RFI at the same time


  • Reminders to clients are sent automatically from the software


  • Not specified for construction-specific challenges

  • Some file requirements/restrictions might seem problematic for less technologically-savvy customers.

What Customers Think about ContentSnare RFI Management:

"Content Snare really does make it much more convenient to acquire content from customers for their web projects." Verified Reviewer, Capterra Source

"One of the pros of Content Snare is that clients don't have to invest their time in creating an account with Content Snare. They just need to receive my email with the link that I sent over to them. This saves a lot of time in client onboarding." Samuel O. Capterra Source

3. Loopio

Example of response for an RFI in Loopio RFP Response Software

Loopio is an RFP Response Software for mid-large companies. It's helping users create, track and manage their RFIs with less manual effort.


  • One central platform to save and manage your RFIs

  • The process of spending answers is highly automated

  • Software members can cooperate on the same data in real-time


  • Great Customer Support

  • Easy to navigate and manage


  • Not specified for construction-specific challenges

  • The software specialises in RFI management, so you might need additional tools to fill the project management gaps

What Customers Think about RFI Process in Loopio:

"Pros: quick, easy and attentive customer service; clean template; software customizable for your industry Cons: Kinks/bugs in the system that make the process tedious at times" Marisa N. Capterra Source

""Loopio has improved our response speed with the organizational and new library stack features. This gives us back valuable time to review with key stakeholders and present a polished proposal." Jonathan R. Capterra Source

4. Premier Construction Software

View on the RFI dashboard in Premier construction software

Premier is a cloud-based construction management software designed for General Contractors, Land Developers, and Homebuilders. The system offers solutions for construction project management and business support.


  • Response tracking module of outstanding and overdue RFIs

  • RFI Reporting

  • Separate dashboard with alerts and email notifications


  • Possibility to customise software solutions

  • Well-rated customer support


  • The considerably steep learning curve

  • Multiple accounting features- might not be easy to navigate for people not familiar with accounting practice

What Clients Think about Premier Construction Software RFIs tracking feature:

"The support team at Jonas is amazing! Whenever I'd encounter a process that I wasn't familiar with or something didn't seem to be working the way I anticipated, they were quick to provide information and support documentation that would help me to better understand.

"Jonas has more of a learning curve than I'd anticipated. While it follows all accounting principles, usability is not quite as easy as Quickbooks - nor should it be, as Jonas has far more features for project management!" Karen A. Capterra Source

See the best software for construction management in 2023 here.

5. BuildingBlok

RFI list displayed in BuildingBlok project management tool

BuildingBlok is a cloud-based construction project management solution available on any device. It's supporting companies in making their projects healthier and more profitable.


  • Separate dashboard enabling RFI status tracking

  • Different RFI templates to use

  • One centralised point of information for all types of documents and drawing


  • Easy, intuitive to navigate


  • The last customers’ reviews are from 2016: hard to predict if the software's solutions are constantly developed or respond to current challenges of the construction RFI management process

What Customers Think about BuildingBlok Request Management Feature:

"I like the ability to store all our documents in one place and to have direct access to all clients and subs related to a project under one umbrella." Gary O. Capterra Source

"Getting small subcontractors to use Building Blok is the only challenge. I will say that when I have a contractor resisting getting logged in, I just call Building Blok and they take them step by step to get them in the system." Brandon N. Capterra Source

6. Autodesk

View on a construction RFI created in Autodesk

Autodesk Construction Cloud is software designed to support the construction management process. The system helps in connecting teams' and projects’ data for faster and more efficient delivery.


  • One platform to create, track and send construction RFIs

  • RFI Tracking feature is possible on the web and mobile software version

  • There’s a workflow between RFI and Procurement features


  • High level of customisation

  • Quite intuitive to navigate


  • High cost

  • Complexity - there are fixed solutions that might be redundant for your company’s structure

What Customers Think about Autodesk for RFIs Tracking:

“At some point, we may look into a PM software integration to make managing projects more streamlined. For now, we're not able to complete all activities in the tool and have workarounds from the PM side.” Verified Reviewer, Capterra Source

“It's not a document management system in its truest form though the document handling is very useful especially through the RFI process.” Gary T. Capterra Source

7. CMFusion

View on the CMFusion RFIs displayed on a tablet and a telephone

CMFusion is construction management software built to help you manage your projects and deliver them according to schedule and within a budget.


  • Possibility to track RFIs status in real-time

  • One cloud space to store your documents, requests, comments, and drawings

  • Alerts and notifications about RFI changes


  • Access to the software from any place: construction site, office (as long as there’s an internet connection)


  • Lack of current reviews from the customers- there’s no chance to find out how the software works now for construction companies

  • No information about possible integrations

What Customers Think about CMFusion feature:

“Ease of use. Adaptable to our needs. Makes communication easy and trackable.” Gloria C. Capterra Source

Great for small companies that struggle with consistent document control between the PM and office personnel.” Brian H. Capterra Source

8. Procore

View on the custom RFI report in Procore construction management software

Procore is a cloud-based construction software offering its services in project, financial and operational management.


  • Possibility to answer RFIs via Email

  • Reminder notifications can be sent automatically from the system

  • The tracking history of completed and ongoing RFI communication


  • Procore offers various modules for your company management

  • Great working tools for project management


  • The implementation process might take time due to the complexity of the software

  • Fewer possibilities to customise solutions to your company's needs

What Customers think about Procore's feature to track construction RFIs:

"While I am still happy to use this software to make the contractor's life easier, it is still a bit cumbersome. The ability to apply multiple sorting fields to RFI's and submittals is a nice feature, but cumbersome to load on the webpage. At times it seems that there are perhaps too many options, especially when trying to create something simple such as a "Open RFI" template to use for meetings." Partick B. Capterra Source

"Admittedly, I fought the use of Procore by my firm for a while. As it became a more prevalent tool used by contractors on my projects on a regular basis I was more or less forced to learn how to use it. In the end, I'm moderately satisfied with the functions that I'm most concerned about as an architect such as tracking RFI's and submittals, creating custom logs and tracking field issues." Partick B. Capterra Source

Looking for an alternative to Procore?

9. eSUB

View on an RFI in the process of creating in eSUB project management application

eSUB is a construction project management system for commercial specialist contractors. It helps create, store, access, and analyse data- all from one cloud-based software.


  • Standardised process of Request for Information creation

  • All RFIs are automatically stored in a software

  • Separate Dashboard for Request Status Tracking


  • Solutions designed well for subcontractors' needs

  • Good job costing and cost control functionalities


  • The accounting integration might cause some problems

  • If you’re a general contractor, the software might not be able to assist all your processes

What Customers think about eSUB RFI management software:

"When it comes to RFIs and submittals, eSub tackles the task as needed. Quick and efficient. Keeps projects moving forward and profitable." Christopher C. Capterra Source

Pros: How easy it is to enter and if it wasn't easy the personal help I received has been priceless. Cons: The accounting integration has not been easy to use." Rosie W. Capterra Source

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some burning questions you might have about RFIs.

What is RFI management software?

A person is pointing at a telephone with open construction information while standing around architect's tools

RFI management software is a tool designed to help you manage your requests for information. It stores and organises RFIs in one easily accessible place, so you can check their status and connect with clients anytime you need.

The software saves all the information about ongoing and completed requests. Thanks to that, you don't have to stress that some crucial data is stuck in your inbox or lose extra hours to find it.

Do traditional RFI management tools work for construction?

Let's analyse traditional and free methods to manage RFIs, as they’re still quite common in the construction world.


Most companies use or have used spreadsheets at some point in their construction management process. Spreadsheets are fantastic. But the downside are steep and sometimes dangerous.


  • An online version is available on most computers

  • Most people are familiar with the most basic functions of Excel


  • Extremely error-prone

  • Data in excel looks complicated, which might discourage clients from answering quickly

  • Lack of proper data protection


You’re company might be like most and rely on email to communicate externally. There’s nothing wrong with this, but RFI management should be handled separately.

Unfortunately, using emails for RFI management brings more problems than actual benefits.


  • You can contact clients directly- no need for another tool

  • Clear contact history


  • You’ll need an additional project management tool to fill the gap in the construction processes

  • Limited possibility to automate RFI actions

  • Easily lose RFIs in the mass of emails

  • Lack of proper data storage: easy to lose information in the flood of emails


Thanks to the tools available to us now, we do need to use paper anymore in construction.


  • Space issues, and the related costs

  • Almost zero traceability

  • Cannot access project docs in a timely manner

  • No collaboration

Free Construction RFI Templates for almost every business need

[Get your 10 free construction RFI Templates here]

Keep in mind that Archdesk has RFI templates pre-loaded into the software. If you already have your own, we can easily upload them into the system.


See Archdesk's Solutions

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