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10 Free Construction RFI Templates Simplify Your Day [For Download]


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Construction RFIs (Request For Information) help you navigate the dynamic world of construction, turning the 'illusion' of communication into a tangible process. But, creating an RFI without a standard approach is tough.

Scroll down to access 10 free RFI templates for almost every construction use case.

  • 01

    Basic RFI Template

    RFIs make communication on a construction project clear, precise and trackable.

    Providing a ready-to-use RFI template for your team is a great way to bring structure and clarity to the process.

    Each project has specific RFI requirements but there is basic information all RFIs documents should have. Here is your standard RFI template with everything needed to cover those requirements.

  • Basic RFI Template

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  • 02

    RFI Template (with Project Cost + Schedule Change)

    This template shows cost and schedule changes so parties can see the potential impacts to the project. Feel free to edit customise it to suit your needs.

    RFI Template (with Project Cost + Schedule Change)
  • 03

    RFI Log Template

    RFIs give transparency and makes communication easier but there could be thousands going back and forth during a project - tracking is crucial.

    RFI management software is the best way to manage RFIs. It's designed to help you manage your RFIs by storing and organising them in one accessible place.

    RFI Log Template
  • 04

    Request for the List of Suppliers and Subcontractors

    Getting the contact details of everyone involved in the project is vital for sound communication.

    Download this template for requesting essential information about suppliers and subcontractors.

    Once completed, you can give access to the document so everyone knows who and to contact during the project.p>

    Request for the List of Suppliers and Subcontractors

  • 05

    Change Order RFI Template

    Construction projects are unpredictable. Things like unforeseen site conditions, delays in materials shipping, or wrong estimation of the scope of work may lead to change orders - an official change to the contract.

    Once it becomes clear that it is needed, it is crucial to issue a request for the change order as quickly as possible, so that all parties can be on the same page, avoiding grievances and putting a strain on the relationship.

    To make it easier, we prepared a template for you to use while requesting for a change order, which includes a form for the responding party to accept, deny or inquire further about the request.

    Change Order RFI Template
  • 06

    Request for Payment Bond Information Template

    Payment bonds are a kind of surety bond, granted by the general contractor to guarantee payment for the subcontractors and suppliers, protecting the owner of property from lien claims.

    If you’re providing services on a project managed by a primary contractor, especially on public work, it’s important to know who is the guarantee of your payment. That’s where our template for the payment bond information comes in handy.

    Request for Payment Bond Information Template
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  • 07

    RFQ - Request for Quote Template

    RFQs are part of the process of securing materials for the project - it helps you to narrow down the vendors list to the ones that can provide you with what you need in the price range acceptable for your project.

    While managing your project, getting clear information on price from possible suppliers is crucial - you’ll most likely send out many of these to find out the best offers. Having a ready-to-use template is a great time-saver, not to mention that using one template will ensure you always get all the information you need to compare between potential suppliers.

    RFQ - Request for Quote Template
  • 08

    RFP - Request for Proposal Template [short version]

    A Request for Proposal in construction may be sent out both by the property owner and developer to find the best general contractor for their project, but project managers will most likely be using them to find the most suitable subcontractors to ensure the project’s success.

    The process of issuing RFPs gives you the opportunity to find specialists who possess all the necessary qualifications, resources and experience that will be beneficial to your project, and see what they can bring to the table.

    Standardised templates help to make sure you get comparable information from all candidates, not to mention that it makes the whole process quicker. Here is a general short version of the RFP that you can personalise to suit your current needs.

    RFP - Request for Proposal Template [short version]
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  • 09

    RFP - Request for Proposal Template [long version]

    Sometimes you need more than short info - after all choosing, the right subcontractor will have an immense impact on the success of your project.

    Take advantage of our long RFP template, which allows you to provide a detailed description of your needs and get the most useful information from potential subcontractors, while still providing a much-needed structure to the process.

    RFP - Request for Proposal Template [long version]
  • 10

    RFI for Government Contractors Template

    RFIs allow governments, contractors and other service providers the opportunity to identify the best way to achieve the desired outcomes and come up with solutions that will be most beneficial to the community.

    They are an important step in creating the type of open and effective communication necessary to reach the best outcomes and make it easier to collaborate on usually big government projects.

    We prepared the general template that can be used both to ask for needed information, clarification or approval, together with the contractor's recommendation and the government party can answer right in the same document so that communication is as smooth as possible.

    RFI for Government Contractors Template

The act of requesting and providing information in the course of the construction project is an inherent part of its execution. That’s why successful project management requires an organised and efficient RFI process. Now that you downloaded ready-to-use templates, you are ready to make it work.

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