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Mission & Vision


The construction industry is one of the most influential sectors in the world. It plays a vital role for governments - creating job opportunities, boosting the growth of the economy, and delivering solutions for the most crucial problems globally. Archdesk's mission is to drive the industry's potential to its highest level. We care greatly about the construction's future and put every effort to support this sector even more. We work hard to guide and support companies from all around the world, ensuring their success.


We believe that the brightest future for construction is closely related to modern technology. With the use of it, we can catch up with the latest solutions and the industry can grow faster. We understand how important it is to educate the market and the people. We're doing our best to broaden perspectives.


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The construction sector is not only about projects execution. It's about people. We understand that. Archdesk enables companies to improve productivity and efficiency of teams and projects all around the world. We also understand how your worker's safety is important for your business operations. We want to educate as well as give you the tools to manage them properly, alongside Safety restrictions and Project Management. A thriving company is a company with flawless operations. And we're experts in that.

Meet Archdesk

Our Management Team

Michał Mojżesz

Michał Mojżesz

CEO & Co Founder

Andrew Poradzisz

Andrew Poradzisz

CCO & Co Founder

Tomasz Wajda

Tomasz Wajda


Michał Piszczek

Michał Piszczek



Why work with us?

We understand the challenges of the industry

Your company is unique. But the challenges it faces are not. We’ve fought our way through most complicated issues of our client’s companies and we’ve learned how to remedy them. We’ll help you find a solution.

We value your time

We know how hard you work. We also now how much time you spend on tasks that can be automated. We can help you streamline your operations and give you the opportunity to grow..


We are a good fit for you.

The structure of the system is modeled around the structure of your business and the processes that you have established. You can use the software without the need for revolutionary organizational changes in your company.

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