Get information from internal and external partners when they are ready. Make data sharing easier, faster and accessible, anytime and anywhere, for employees or external partners.


  • Saves time for your team
  • Streamlines your process
  • Ensures proper documentation flow
  • Stops data loss through safe data storage and GDPR compliance
  • Allows visibility over employees’ actions
  • Makes communication between people in different places easier
  • Uses your data in the ways you need with our software support for automated actions
  • Allows access to data anytime and anywhere to the people who need it


How it works

A form solution provides you and your team with a safe and automated way to get information by having partners input data directly into a form. This way the data is correctly stored inside your Archdesk account. Not only does this save on documentation time, but also ensures that no information is lost and the assigned person is notified.

Additionally, you can set a sequence of automated actions to be triggered by a form completion according to your process and project needs.


When can you use it?

This solution can be used at any stage of any project or process in your company, internally or externally. For example, use it to connect:

  • Your employees using internal processes and register their work, avoiding friction;
  • Your team to your clients to gather and register the information you need at any part of the project;
  • Your team to third parties working on the same project for your client, making this communication faster and more efficient;
  • Your team to external partners to get the information you need, saving time and making this process faster for both.


Who can use it?

People from any department, at any part of your process, and at companies of any size.

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Problems are solved, with this solution you will achieve:

  • Gather Information Efficiently

    Gathering information from different communication channels takes time and without the proper software some data may be lost.

  • Share Information Efficiently

    Sharing the gathered information among different teams takes time and many times the message is misunderstood or lost on the way.

  • Improve Communication

    Communication between people from different places may be hard and come with friction, resulting in issues for the project such as blocks and delays.

  • Ensure Data Protection

    IT security and GDPR compliance needs to be done by the process to avoid unnecessary risks and money loss.

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