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How we make your construction software safe for your company.

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Archdesk is a state-of-the-art cloud-based solution for construction and manufacturing project management. We understand how vital data safety and privacy are for your business. That's why security is one of our highest priorities.

We host the whole Archdesk platform on Amazon Web Services Infrastructure. It is a set of the most advanced data centres around the globe. Archdesk is hosted in a distributed environment, having multiple servers running any given second and automatically scaling up and down when necessary. Our infrastructure has a "self-healing" mechanism. When it detects a problem, it automatically terminates servers, relaunches, and registers with our global load balancer that distributes the traffic across our infrastructure.


The whole infrastructure is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of the service year long.

Archdesk is hosted in isolated data centres, in a mesh architecture providing multiple levels of redundancy.

Moreover, AWS provides separate servers for databases. There are two servers, each additionally hosted in what's called A-Z deployment, where there are three instances per each server.

Files are hosted in Ireland, but at the same time, they are mirrored to AWS data centre in Frankfurt in the case of a disaster. Database backups are done every night and stored for 30 days. Additionally, we have the roll-back mechanism, which allows us to roll-back every database transaction in the past 24 hours in every 5-minute interval. At any time, you can export information from Archdesk to make backups locally, e.g., client database, project history, and more. The database is encrypted on the AWS side, and thanks to that not readable. All connections to and from Archdesk are also secured via a TLS connection.

Moreover, Archdesk fits the "Security by design" compliance required by GDPR. Our system was fundamentally built to have advanced access and data control mechanism.

To learn more about the security of your data in Archdesk, check out the information provided by Amazon Web Services:


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