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Karolina Dobrowolska

Marketing Intern

Energetic and eager to learn new things, working in the marketing department. Interested in inbound marketing and brand building actions. Personally, passionate about 80s music, powerful women in history and different cultures, especially their cuisines.


November 24, 2020

Project Delivery: How to Automate Your Processes

Every project requires a unique approach. However, some processes are repeatable and common for many companies. Is it possible to speed up the project delivery and still have control over processes? If yes- how ERP software can help you with the automation?
September 24, 2020

Why Do We Need Innovation In Construction?

The world is constantly changing bringing new opportunities and revolutionising old ways. How is this impacting our work? What are the changes innovations bring into the construction industry? Do we need them? If so - why?
August 25, 2020

A Remarkable Lesson From The First Female Constructor

What can we learn from the first constructor woman in history? Who was she, what were her barriers and what did she do that can still inspire us today to overcome today’s challenges.

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