City Diamond Contracting

Case Study

case overview

CDC, a stalwart in the construction domain, envisaged a unified platform for project and financial management. Traditional systems, fragmented tools, and access control challenges presented roadblocks in their path to excellence. Archdesk emerged as a game-changer, delivering a seamlessly integrated, comprehensive management solution.

City Diamond Contracting & Archdesk: A Synergistic Alliance for Operational Excellence

The pain points were:

  1. Aged software systems inhibiting growth
  2. Fragmented management tools for subsidiaries
  3. Limited access control and inflexible software architecture
  4. Deficient project and finance management solutions

The needs:

  1. Singular, adaptable software solution that promises seamless integration
  2. Enhanced access control
  3. Top-notch project management
  4. Budget control

The Solution Journey

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by CDC, Archdesk embarked on a transformative journey. They crafted a solution offering seamless integration, centralized management, and adaptable modules for every department. External tools, like Xero, further enriched the operational control.

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The Results

The adoption of Archdesk heralded a new era for CDC:

  • Centralized data leading to enhanced project and financial management.
  • Advanced procurement tracking and dashboard enhancements.
  • Holistic financial management, reducing data loss and refining access.
  • Integration with third-party applications for a holistic management experience.

Project Management

By managing projects in Archdesk ERP they gained full control over all projects (of all subsidiary companies) in one place. What it means is that the admins are able to manage all the companies easily and have all data in one place. Dividing the accounts allowed to add different employee groups to separate accounts at the same time managing all financial matters from one place.

Financial Management

Having all documents and all processes tracked within one software made it easier to manage all activities connected to procurement, quotations, valuations and invoicing. There is no possibility of losing data anymore, and access is granted based on responsibilities inside the company.

Budget tracking

The crucial part was setting up specific dashboards that allowed to analyse data much faster and easier. It became possible to better control planning, the budget spends and reporting.


An important factor of implementation was to integrate with external software f.ex. Accounting software Xero. This gave the opportunity to control even a bigger part of operations from one central place, making it easier to manage.


Key Achievements

  1. Creation of a scalable, structured system
  2. 10% growth within 12 months post-implementation
  3. 30% reduction in human error through tailored processes
  4. Centralized operations for all linked companies

Pioneering Building Designs

The newfound management efficiency bestowed CDC with the luxury of time, allowing them to innovate and realize industry-leading projects, illustrating the unparalleled heights achievable through the seamless operations enabled by Archdesk.

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