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Construction projects have a long and complicated chain of dependencies, in which failure to meet even one of the assumptions can often result in a significant increase in project costs, and lack of project profitability. This is usually caused by so-called ‘’domino effect’’.

The problem is even more difficult to solve, as the construction industry is currently one of the least digitized in the world. Algorithms predicting specific events or detecting their causes early need a large amount of input data of a certain accuracy and appropriate nature (e.g. geoposition, time, metadata).

We decided to find an answer. Our work resulted in creating a system that would be capable of controlling all workflow in the company. Now, we’re working on enabling it to forecast possible delays on a job site.

Thanks to the planned design of a centralized sensory data warehouse related to construction workers and a wide range of data functioning in the Archdesk system, as well as data from external sources (e.g. metadata) it will be possible to warn in advance about various delays in construction projects.