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Digital Building Blocks for Modular Construction Industry: A Tailored Management Solution

Did you know that up to 7,5% of new houses made in the UK in 2021 were built using modular construction?

Compared to the rest of the world, the UK is not the leader in the modular construction market yet. However, economists predict constant growth in the upcoming years. That’s why it is perfect timing for your company to get new customers! However, just like any other market, the modular construction market is not challenge-free. 


  • -Managing many processes simultaneously, 

  • -Organising the transportation of equipment without delays, 

  • -Ensuring that all projects are executed on time, within the budget and with the highest level of quality

Those are only a few of the industry’s pain points! 

To deal with all of it, your process management needs to be similar to modular construction. Build from separate tools and solutions, collectively creating a unique solution that supports your company from A to Z!


  • -But what challenges might your company face in the nearest future? 

  • -How can you identify and solve pain points in your processes? 

  • -And finally, how can you optimise construction management processes to fulfil all your company’s needs?

Watch the Webinar and learn all you need to know about supporting your construction company! 

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2024-06-18 05:21:59