Women in Construction 2020 – Empower By Example

Women account for around 10% of the construction industry worldwide. We believe that it needs to change as the female workforce can enormously contribute to the sector in many ways, especially nowadays when it faces labor shortage. To support this change, we decided to help women see the possibilities the construction offers by giving the voice to those who have succeeded in this sector.

The challenges are many, yes! This is why “Empower by Example” is the theme of our campaign, to show women around the world, real-life examples of successful, powerful and passionate women from inside the industry who are excellent in their work. They shared their stories with us to encourage, empower and attract women of every culture and age to follow their passion and join the construction industry. Here you will find a series of articles, the full research for free download and their tips and pieces of advice. Get to know them and even connect if you want! Inspire yourself! If they could do it, YOU can do it too! Go for it! Just do it!

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During March, Archdesk blog presents 5 articles on hard working women who are inspiring at their jobs in the industry. From the construction site to the skyscraper office positions, all of them contribute greatly to our society and we will share with you what and how they do it.

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