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Implementation Process at Archdesk: All You Need to Know


What the Implementation Process looks like at Archdesk? What are the next steps and how to make the whole process smooth and beneficial for your company? You can find all necessary answers here!

Hurray! It’s time to pop open that champagne! You have made the greatest decision - of investing in an ERP online solution for your company. The Implementation Team is here to help you have a successful rollout. Our team strives daily to make the system work for you. So, let’s dive into how the Implementation Process works at Archdesk.

What does the Implementation Process Look like?

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    System Setup
    The system set up is a deep dive into what your business processes look like. Archdesk is not an off shelf software, but rather a flexible solution that is set up having your business processes in mind, molding itself to it. So what we first focus on are the types of projects that you have, the processes that they go through and the steps within the processes. Based on that, the Implementation Team will start configuring your system.
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    Walkthrough Call
    Once the system is configured, we will schedule a walkthrough call. The main idea of this is to present to the user the initial setup of the system. Based on your feedback, we can provide reconfiguration - to achieve the desired result. At the end, the logins and password will be handed out to the Champion (to redistribute) and the team should start entering data into the system. Testing out the configured system is crucial, to tailor the setup to your needs.
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    Online training with the Implementation Consultant that you have been assigned to will help your team familiarise with the system and learn it’s capabilities.There is also our Knowledge Database, that can be accessed at any time, from any location (with internet connection).

Why do we need to have calls? The Implementation Team needs to thoroughly understand the way your company works, in order to provide the best setup. Inside the system, the information interconnects and this is why, at the beginning there will be certain information needed. For example, we will ask for:

  • Nominal Codes - accounting codes - that would help the connection between Archdesk and accounting software that you use
  • Business & Individual Contacts - that we are able to upload as bulk, with the help of Archdesk templates that we will provide

Also, during the call, we can make modifications live and show you several types of setup. This way, we have the answer immediately and we can act upon it, making the implementation process shorter and smoother for you.

At the beginning, this may all be a bit overwhelming, but you need to put your trust in the Implementation Consultant assigned to you, that they will create the best option for you and your team. The Implementation Team is a team of professionals, trained in Archdesk - they are aware of what needs to be done.

We take pride in being configurable!
Archdesk is not a system that comes in a box - it is a system molded to your company processes. We will focus on the processes and stages inside your company and deliver Archdesk tailored to your needs. The Implementation Consultant builds from ‘’blocks’’, making sure to create the best combination possible for your business.This is why you will not have a ready to go system within days - the configuration will need time and testing and we will need the Champion to be hands on, giving us feedback.

The Role of the Champion

In order to roll out the system properly, we need to have an Archdesk Champion, a dedicated person from within your team that will be a ‘’leading expert’’ of Archdesk and will help configure the software to your needs. The Champion will be in constant contact with the Implementation Consultant dedicated to your company. Identifying and assigning the Admin (Archdesk Champion) inside your team is one of the first things you should do, after signing in the contract with us.

The Champion should have a deep understanding of the processes inside your company - including all the stages in all types of projects you work on. The Champion should have an overall view of the company, the knowledge of your business goals and the road you want to follow to achieve them, so that we can create the perfect-fit setup for your company.

Tips! Make the Implementation Process Smoother

We can make Archdesk work for your team/company, rather than forcing you to fit in certain standard boxes. Archdesk, as an online solution, brings the flexibility that medium and large companies and corporations need; and with this flexibility we bring also the view of the future: scalability! What can you do to make the process smoother?

Have Patience!
It does take a bit of time so arm yourself with patience & build a team that will sustain the process by being dedicated to making sure the others follow up and use the system on a daily basis. This will keep the ball rolling and make sure our Implementation Team gets all the info they need in a short time.

Share Feedback!
Get your team to use Archdesk daily & share feedback. By using the system frequently, your team will gain more control and knowledge about ongoing projects and they can ask questions and share feedback with dedicated Implementation Consultant [IC], during the Implementation Process.* After a few months working with Archdesk your company and your team will transform: being more agile and cutting down on waste (time, money and even FTEs)! What’s more - Archdesk is constantly improving and developing new features, so it is vital to follow our updates.
*The IC is dedicated to you during the process - once it finishes, the questions and concerns will have to be redirected to the Archdesk Help Desk.

Have trust and be trustworthy!
You have put your trust in us, to deliver a new-age ERP system that will help your team run the projects smoothly. We also need to be able to trust you in delivering the right information at the right time. During the Implementation Process, the Champion needs to be always in contact with us: feedbacking, communicating your needs, making sure data is sent to us (so that we may process it). We are in this together!

How Long Can the Implementation Process Take?

The duration of the Implementation Process varies from company to company. It all depends on your complexity of your business processes, number of users, data delivery time and engagement of your team. That is why we help you set up a Champion that will significantly shorten the setup time. In the long run, the better it’s done, the more time and money it will save you.

Our Implementation and Customer Success teams are groups of professionals constantly working on getting your company to run your processes smoother and in a less time-consuming manner. We are here for you, for the long run - ready to make this work!

What Are the Costs?

The implementation cost is included in the monthly fee paid by the customer and the pricing is individual per account.

What Happens After the Implementation Is Finished?

Archdesk, as the perfect-fit online solution for you, is always one step ahead. We know that getting used to a new tool takes time. Even after the Implementation Process is done, the Archdesk Customer Success team will be supporting you in your continuous improvement. But how do we do that?

  • Knowledge Database
    Written guides and “How To” articles that allow you to quickly search for the answer you are looking for. They presented step-by-step instructions with graphics and videos that help you use the system’s features.
  • Constant Support System
    You can contact the Customer Success Team at any time and ask them for assistance. We will support you with all challenges you may face.

At the heart of Archdesk company are our Customers. We do our best to support you every step of the way. As a confirmation of this, we leave you with recent feedback from our dear clients:

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