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Utilizing the human-first approach to construction projects to drive higher results.

Utilizing the human-first approach to construction projects to drive higher results.

Construction projects, in their nature, are multi-faceted, with a lot of things happening within a strict order and often in tandem. Managing such projects is complex, but one thing that’s perhaps the most challenging… and that is the management of often large, field-based teams.  Doing this right requires the team to have a clear direction and collaborate; only then will the project bring the expected results! So, how can the human-first approach to construction help to drive higher results? 

Setting The Foundations:

Your team needs to understand the end goal and ‘what good looks like’ before a project is commenced.

It is easy to forget to include your team in the top-line project overview, as you have likely been working and thinking about it for a long time, but for some of the team, it might be the first time they hear about it. Whatever you are building, make sure that your team sees your vision and the impact the new development will bring. 

Every project has key milestones; they are essential to ensure that the project runs on time. Communicate them in advance so everyone knows how they will be tracked.

Communicate what quality means to you and what you expect; something might be done to a standard that meets the inspection threshold – but is this actually what you want? Or do you hold the team accountable to a higher standard? What does good look like to you?

Agree on the communication mediums and frequency in advance. Everyone needs to be clear on what they are required to report and how to track the construction project correctly. An engaged team cares about the whole project, not just their part, so ensure you don’t miss this opportunity and tell the team the frequency and the kind of communication they can expect from you.

Each person should have a clear role to play in the project delivery. It is easy to assume that they ‘already know’, but you would be surprised how often the answer to the question ‘What role do you play?’ differs from what you thought! Communicate everyone’s role and expectations with them in advance. 

Providing a safe working environment is non-negotiable. Knowing the regulations and how to practise them can save people from injury and you from claims and reputational damage. There should be no excuses for safe working practices, so ensure your team knows this. 

Team Integration:

Construction projects are only effective if everyone collaborates and participates in the wider delivery.  You will need to effectively track the progress and ensure all jobs are going as scheduled. Using software is the key to being able to do this effectively. 

However, the software alone won’t give you the results you are looking for; the team needs to understand the importance of the collaboration behind it. 

Bring them on the implementation journey so they can see the opportunities that good software presents and how it will ultimately make their job easier as a result.  You can’t put something to good use if you are not able to understand it. Remember that a software provider who values their clients will offer training sessions for the team. These serve excellent value to the team, who won’t be left in the darkness when using it!

A configurable solution, such as Archdesk, allows for freedom of adaptation to your organisation, which the team will certainly appreciate when collaborating and tracking their progress.

 Driving the Momentum:

Don’t underestimate the power of bringing your team on the mission with you; the ability to see the bigger picture will help them realise that they play an essential part in the project's success. It is easy to forget why we do things, and without this picture in mind, they just become repetitive actions rather than conscious efforts. 

Once you establish this clarity with the team, you can manage their daily activities and project to-dos by utilising Tasks, one of the most popular functionalities within Archdesk and used daily by clients. 

It is not just goals; you also need to ensure that the team knows how to do their assigned work. Invest in the development of skills that each member of your team needs. Personal Development will not only bring the investment back in the quality of the work but will also positively impact your team, who will value the investment made in them. 

Set the team up for success by allowing them to understand where they can make autonomous decisions and where the boundaries are set. Construction has set parameters to follow and safety protocols, but finding a way to empower people to find their own solutions, even in a small way, can significantly improve their productivity.

You know your impact players, but do they know who they are? Don’t forget to recognise the positive contributions that teams and individuals made because, at the end of the day – nobody is successful in isolation. 

Interested to see how the Archdesk software can help you implementing the human-first approach to your construction projects? Leave your details in the Book a Demo section for one of the team to reach out to you!

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