28 October 2020 1 min read

Archdesk Webinar on Productivity and Project Control


Update yourself about state of the art technology and new solutions for the construction management market. Understand how time and money waste can be avoided and see an overview of Archdesk in action! Find out more about our free webinar here.

The year 2020 will certainly enter history as a mark on the use of online technology around the globe. Embracing the challenges brought by this within the construction and manufacturing markets, we decide to share some of our tricks!

On November 10th, at 11 am GMT, we will host our first webinar about productivity and project control using state of the art technology - Archdesk. As a cloud-based Next Generation ERP system, not only do we support remote working from any place at any time, but we also help our clients save a lot of time and money. Project control is the KEY!

Why You Should Attend This Webinar:

If you want to update yourself about the markets new technologies

If you want to be made aware of new market solutions for the construction market

If you are looking for a solution for your project

If you need a management solution with an implementation and support that follows your team pace

If you want support growth within your company

During Our Webinar You Will Discover:

Why most projects fail

How can digitalisation help projects to succeed

What a platform for project control looks like

Why project control is the key point for success

How you can use Archdesk to apply the tips - inside of the software view

How to Apply

Just send one email to [email protected] and you will receive the invitation with an event link.

General Information:

This webinar is free

The event will be hosted via Zoom

There are limited seats for this meeting, preference is given to the early applicants

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