14 April 2020 3 min read

5 Advantages of having a cloud based solution for your Schedule of Works


Planning things properly is crucial, especially in these uncertain times. Archdesk, the cloud-based ERP system, is here to show you the advantages of using the Schedule of Works.

Proper planning and scheduling are crucial for construction and manufacturing companies - especially now with Coronavirus. A cloud based construction management software that works for you is not as far-fetched as you might think! A cloud-based ERP solution will ensure the company stays on track and on budget. Planning in advance allows you to know, every step of the way, what your team will be doing each day and related costs. You already know the pace and ability of your team- you have the control! Being prepared for the unexpected is key to keeping that control.

Creating a strong and detailed Schedule of Works will allow you to stay on top of your projects and deliver on time. Archdesk allows you to track the Schedule of Works within the system, helping you plan your work and keep tabs on your worker’s daily schedule (Time-Sheet control). Archdesk can show you where your employees are throughout your project’s life and the costs. Digitizing the construction industry, in these troubled times, can reduce the number of employees being let go by giving them an online solution that allows them to execute their job remotely.

Advantages of having a Schedule of Works in Archdesk


Fewer Surprises Down the Road - Archdesk can store, with great detail, the Schedule of Works for your company. You will be able to track any employee at any given time. You can plan your project and tasks from the lowest level. Archdesk, as a cloud based construction management software, allows you to view the Schedule as a Gantt Chart but also in a table-view. With Archdesk you can export the program to Excel or MS Project. Also, if you have the schedule already set up in MS Project you can upload it onto Archdesk, or you can add single tasks one at a time - your choice!


Sequence Your Work and Have Quality Control - Archdesk, as a cloud based construction management software, allows you to split your work into tasks and subtasks, assign them to specific employees, and assign remuneration (hourly pay) for the employee.Quality Control can be implemented at any step withArchdesk. Cloud-based ERP systems allow you to control work and see if it was performed according to your company’s standards, with Archdesk going further by having the option to assign tasks to dedicated employees.


Clients Will Know When the Final Product Will Be “Handed Over” - With the Schedule of Works, you can calculate how much time it would take for each task (also Archdesk, as a cloud based construction management software, can show older projects stored in the system). Having a proper schedule allows you to know where your money goes, if the timeframe is reasonable, and allows you to keep customers informed.


Buying Materials/Characteristic Materials & Submitting Shop Drawings/Samples at the Right Time - Archdesk allows you to know in advance what materials you will need. Archdesk also has a Tendering Module available for larger companies to use - you will be able to select two or more possible suppliers, create criteria and how you would assign points. The system will calculate the points and signal the potential winner for the materials. Once the winner is chosen, you can create POs in the system for the tendered materials.


Easy Tracking of the TimeSheets of Your Employees/Contractors/Subcontractors - Archdesk allows your employees/contractors/subcontractors to indicate their progress and record time spent on individual tasks, by setting them up as field users. Archdesk will generate a 5-digit individual token that is sent to the employee along with the link to the mobile version of the app. Each employee can then clock in and out, and add a note on what they were working on during that time. Once an employee clocks out, the timesheet manager will be able to see it inside Archdesk - and can either approve or correct it.

Archdesk, as a cloud based construction management software, takes extra care in keeping the data safe. Archdesk fits the "Security by Design" compliance required by GDPR - our system was built with advanced access and data control mechanisms. Hosted on Amazon Web Infrastructure, it is in one of the most advanced data centers around the globe. The infrastructure has “self healing” mechanisms, so no need to worry - your information is secure with us!

Digitizing the construction industry starts with small steps and Archdesk is there for you with our Schedule of Works, to help during these challenging times. The security of our clients is important to us, just as the security of your Schedule of Works is important to you in making sure projects are delivered on time.

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