Coronavirus pandemic teaches us the advantages of remote work


Coronavirus led the World towards a shift in the daily routine. Is Remote Work worth it? Can people really Work From Home?

Is Work From Home advantageous?

It has been statistically proven that one of the ways of improving the office is actually by getting rid of it. The 2017 Gallup Study on Remote Workforce shows that 43% of the Americans worked from home at least part of the time, but not only that… it showed that many more would like to have this kind of opportunity. Working remotely is most effective when there is a home-office balance. The research also points out that the optimal engagement boost occurs when employees spend 60% to less than 80% of their workweek -- or three to four days -- working off-site.

Working remotely offers the great advantage - especially with the Coronavirus pandemic on our hands - to no commuting and working safely in one's home, without the fear of catching the virus or of spreading it (if already caught). In 2019, Airtasker did a home study on the benefits of working from home on 1,004 full-time employees (505 of whom were remote employees) throughout the U.S. about their work habits and productivity. The study showed interesting facts on remote work:

1 in 4 employees had to quit a job because the commute was too long

Remote employees work an additional 1.4 more days per month than in-office employees, which is nearly 17 additional workdays a year

Office workers are unproductive for an average 37 minutes a day, not including lunch or breaks, whereas remote employees are unproductive for only 27 minutes

What are the Advantages of Working From Home?

There are several advantages that remote work brings. Many have used this option - working remotely - even before Coronavirus hit and many studies have been done on the subject, so without any further ado, here are some of the advantages:

Improved Employee Retention - the ones that had to commute will be much happier

Wider Pool of Resources to choose from for the HR teams - this means that you can have your pick of people from various locations, geographically remote

Staff Motivation will increase - because they will spend less time in transit and more at home, with the ones they love, creating a better work-life balance

Productivity surge (due to the former) - employees that perform remote work are an average of 35-40% more productive than their office counterparts and have measured an output increase of at least 4.4%

Financial gain for the company - no need to rent a big office, pay on electricity, internet and other added costs that the employees will incur. Did you know that organizations save an average of $11,000 per year per part-time telecommuter, or 21% higher profitability?

How can cloud-based software help in remote work?

Cloud-computing, along with mobile tech, can provide the option for your employees to work remotely - no matter the time, location, they will be able to do their job. It provides flexibility, increased security for remote working (encrypted files), but also scalability for growth. You want to be able to know that your data is secure and there is always more room to grow - you have to think big!

The market is full will cloud-based management software, and no matter the size or the industry of the company you are in, you should definitely look into such a solution for you and your team. Cloud-based management software should help you in your daily tasks, in your struggle to keep all things afloat. It should allow you to have a big picture of the projects you are running, but it should also help you see in-depth the problems certain projects are facing. The cloud-based management software that is a right fit for you should allow you to see the Financial Health of the project at a glance, and make the right decisions!

Archdesk, as cloud-based management software, focuses on supporting you through this rough patch. We are aware that multinationals, along with General Contractors and subcontractors are heavily affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. TfL and Crossrail have halted their construction sites temporarily, in order to stop the spreading of the virus, as of 24th of March 2020. We are aware that many more will follow, we also understand that some will continue to work with a minimum of employees on site. Health & Safety should prevail, no matter what: we suggest you have a look at the cloud-based ERP systems on the market and choose the right fit for you and your team.

Working remotely should not be something you and your team should be afraid of. Indeed, it is a daily challenge to keep the team together, but through tools like Archdesk, you can face the unknown at your own pace. You are not alone in this struggle. We are here for you.

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