30 April 2020 4 min read

How Archdesk ERP Focuses on your Processes


Unlike other Project Management systems on the market, Archdesk focuses on how the processes run inside your company. Our system is flexible and we do not force modifications on how you work, instead, we work alongside you!

Experts have predicted that the Coronavirus pandemic will have long-term ramifications for the construction industry worldwide. The best thing to do, at this moment, is to slow down and follow official Coronavirus guidelines. With time and attention, you will be able to make the correct choices for you and your team. First things first: the health & safety of you and your employees, allowing those that can work from home. Archdesk was created with this purpose, the digitalisation of the construction industry - so you can know how your projects fare, no matter where you are. Archdesk is for builders and contractors alike - a solution for forward-thinkers in the construction industry.

Archdesk knows that every business is unique. This is why the brilliant minds behind Archdesk created the best software system that gives the user flexibility, allowing you to customize the system to your business needs, and not the other way around!! We understand where you stand, where you want to go and we believe we can help get you there!

Archdesk allows you to create both linear and non-linear projects, add as many stages as you need, and link them together, so they flow naturally. You can set up your team so that every process happens at the right time with all prerequisites completed. As a construction management solution for builders and contractors alike, Archdesk understands that each project needs to follow the setup process. Additional process lines can be added manually for special cases, like materials coming in late. Our solution has a high degree of flexibility and customisation. We believe it is important to match the app to your process needs, not l your processes to fit our software.

During the Implementation Process, the Archdesk team will reach out to you with an Account Structure Form that we will fill out together. This form holds the Type of Projects run inside your company, along with the Processes connected to them (from Enquiry to Handover). We break it down even further, into the Stages inside the Process. Our goal is to understand - in-depth - how your company works and how to set up our construction management software in the best way for you and your team. As a construction management software company for builders and contractors, we understand the need to break down the process, so you can have full control over your time, money, and resources.

Our construction management software for builders and contractors allows you to do multiple actions in a Process:

Set a due date on each stage of the process - the last stage’s equals a due date for the entire process

Assign a related quote to the process

For repetitive processes (e.g. a monthly valuation process) you can set a reset date for the copy of the process to appear on your dashboard again

Archdesk also gives you great flexibility when handling the Stages inside a Process:

You can track the status of each stage by setting up a completion percentage

You can add attachments specific to that point in the stage

To-Dos can be added as well - your team will be notified about tasks for each stage

You can also set due date to meet deadlines

The system allows you to SKIP / CANCEL a stage if need be

Archdesk allows you full flexibility in the setup of your processes so you can track your projects to the finest level. With all actions tracked inside a single tool, nothing will escape your notice. Access is set up per department with different levels of security that can be added. Your team will have the information they require and you will be able to make decisions faster with everything ready, all in one place!

The General Contractor management software market is vast. A software that is a good fit for you should focus on making your projects profitable, by providing you with live data that can be accessed at any time and from any place. In this time of uncertainty, when many are working from home, a contractor management software like Archdesk can help. Just reach out to us or comment below with any questions you might have, and we will be glad to respond.


Project = a set of actions required for the completion of a construction project from the very first point of contact with the requestor (client) to handover. A project has its start and finishes point with a defined finished result.

Process = a chunk of work performed by a group of specialists (often a department or roles) that is one of the elements of the projects (e.g. Quotation, Site Check, etc.)

Stage = a set of single tasks that together make up a process leading to its completion

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