04 October 2022 4 min read

Digital Transformation In Construction:

Moving Into Connected Environment


Moving from disconnected applications to connected environments is not the easiest step to make but it’s a necessary one.

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A connected environment is using digital technology to gain insights into different departments in order to stay connected and streamline communication across departments.

The Shift to Connected Environment

So, what exactly do we mean by shifting to a connected environment?

To tell you the truth, it is all about bringing your siloed work streams into one interconnected environment, where essential information is not only up-to-date at key stages of the project but is also exchanged across different departments of your company, allowing your employees to stay connected and involved.

A connected environment comes down to managing information from operational processes in each project while being able to make quick financial decisions for the best outcome of every project.

This shift has an immense impact on the following processes:

1. Operations

    • Reporting

    • Client Management

    • Supplier and Subcontractor Management

    • HR Management

    • Stock and Asset Management

    • Alerts and Notifications

2. Project Management

      • Custom Forms

      • Time Management

      • RFI Management and Tracking

      • Document Collaboration

      • Programme Management

      • Resource Planning

      • Mobile Access

3. Financials

The connected environment includes being able to take a programme of work and keep an eye on every task by a single click.

Create and monitor on-site activity with customisable forms such as H&S and access timesheets to track resource output.

Thanks to a connected environment everything can be managed by one single solution bringing a magnitude of data into one single source of truth.

This allows for deeper analysis across operations, project management and most importantly company and project financials. Track time and budget while having a complete picture of financials across the project.

Connected teams can communicate across disciplines be it internal or external and receive real-time information. Tracking the use of assets across all your projects is a piece of cake.

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Connected Environment with Archdesk

Construction management software lets you change processes from manual to automated. You can move away from siloed departments, minimise delays or limit resources.

At Archdesk, we know the benefits of moving to a connected environment and its direct impact on your company. We created a management solution tailored to your needs.

You will be able to:

  • Complete a connected process from the enquiry stage to handover

  • Efficiently track employee whereabouts when out on-site

  • Allocate the correct resource to any live project

  • Create project scheduling plans to keep all project tasks updated and allocated in one central source

  • Track finance across the project lifecycle from budget to profitability

  • Better analyse project costs for future quoting

Construction needs to act rather quickly in order to keep up with other industries when it comes to the adoption of new technologies. Continue your digital journey with Archdesk.

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