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TOP 5 solutions an ERP for Fit-out should have


5 top solutions an ERP should provide for your fit-out company. Check them out and keep in mind your long term goals!

Having a right-fit next-generation ERP system for your Fit-out company can be vital in getting your company to grow and have more prestigious projects. More and more, the world looks up to fit-out companies to execute custom made projects. Good examples could be the upcoming Winter Olympics of 2022 in Beijing or the World Expo 2025 in Osaka. Both events will have a significant influx of people coming from all over the world. New sites will be raised, and housing options will be looked at - of course, new buildings will arise, with a limited amount of time for the actual project but with a remarkable turnaround.

    The future offers so many opportunities, you just need to reach out and grab them! For that, you need a proper construction management system that will provide you with suitable solutions for your company.

The market is now full of different software offering various specific tools and features. However, when choosing the right system, you should always consider your company's characteristics and needs. That is why today, we will look at project management solutions from a Fit-out perspective and show you which are the crucial solutions for your sector.

What Solutions Your ERP Software Should Have?

1. ERP solution for Process Mapping (and Reengineering)

The next-generation ERP system allows your company to re-engineer your processes. The software can help you map your fit-out company processes based on the type of project that you run. Thanks to that, you will be able to catch the repeatable actions and make them fail-safe for your teams. In time, you will see certain stages or processes are no longer needed or that you should reconfigure them.

ERP Software for Fit-Out can help you oversee your company’s operations in a clear and organised way. The solution will help you re-engineer your way of working and the way you think. Of course, change comes in time, but you will see the benefits in the long term.

2. Enforce “Best Business Processes” in your Organisation

The next-generation ERP system for the Fit-out company should be able to find the best business practices that you have and deliver measurable and sustainable benefits over time and improve the overall business performance. This will come from having clarity over your processes and the assets that you have (be it human - employees, contractors and subcontractors VS machines - rented or your own). You will have all possible scenarios (projects) stored in one place; you will be able to produce reports based on that and learn what you did right or wrong. In the next project that you will take, you will be able to choose (from experience of the previous projects) the best decisions/options, that would bring expected results.

3. Real-time Online Information

It is best to choose an ERP software for your company that stores all data in the cloud. This way, you will be able to access them at any time, in any place, from any device you want (mobile, tablet, laptop). In the legacy systems, the information (or at least most of it!) is stored on paper and moved around until it is somehow stored electronically. The newest generation of ERP systems has by-passed the paperwork and made it all eco-friendly. All info is gathered in one location, accessible to many (according to the access granted), available online at any time - saving time and money.

4. Facilitation of Inter-Organization Communication and Collaboration

The next-generation ERP system has this solution all figured out: intra-organization communication and collaboration - between different functions and locations. No matter if you are working behind the desk, in an office job, or if you are on-site, the ERP system is there for you. The processes in your Fit-out company are interlocked, dependent on each other, and having one tool that brings all together will force the collaboration. It will ensure fewer conflicts between the processes, and everyone will have all the info they need in one place, updated in real-time.

5. Accounting Swiss Knife

Having a common database inside the ERP system will help immensely the accounting team: no longer duplicate files or redundant data! Customer invoices can be based on actual shipment - no duplicate entries - that helps speed invoice processing. Detailed transactions are saved online, and you can track everything from Quote/Bill of Quantities to the Purchase Orders and Invoices. Each Expense will be tracked, and all money will be accounted for, connected via Nominal Codes so that the transition to the Accounting Software used would be smooth. Of course, any respectable ERP system would also provide integration with the leading Accounting Systems - XERO, Quickbooks, Sage.

Implementing the next-generation ERP system in your Fit-out company will change the way you run your business. It will make your work smoother, improve your business communication and collaboration inside the company and your accounting team at ease. You just need to think of the long-term plan and the progress you will make. Your company needs to change in order to progress, to move forward, to be the best in its domain and using a new-class ERP system, will help you achieve your long term goals!

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