16 February 2021 4 min read

Construction Innovation For The Better

Change Your Winning Team!


Time travel into the 1990’s and back to 2021. What has changed in the construction market? How much innovation do you see (or not) around you? Construction solemnly needs innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Would you agree with this statement? Why?

Imagine you are back in the 1990’s.

You work in a construction company and you are pro-innovation. You are a top notch employee and your work is always up-to-date. You always look for something new to implement and make your company’s processes more efficient.

People around you are a bit lost on what is going on in the company, but you frequently talk to them to keep them well informed. You are a role model and so is your company!

On your daily work, you physically go to places and - of course - you have a clipboard with the papers you need to update when visiting the site. You might need to call at least 3 people most of the time to gather more information.

When back to the office, as a modern person, you need to enter all the information into the computer so that others can better read and so that you can print it any time. It makes things clean and clear and supports when you need to process the information on your excel to do the company reports.

You would also like to have project reports to compare the performances and identify where you did better and propose changes, but you simply cannot find the time. You do put in a few extra hours from time to time, but you value your private time and don’t want to become a workaholic.

Suddenly you enter the time tunnel and are transported back to 2021!

  • What changed for you?

  • Is your company still running in the same way?

  • Are people around you still running their companies the same “safe-old-fashioned” way?

->Yes, I am not lost. Everything is in place as it was. Most things did not change!

Having the comfortable feeling knowing where you stand is great, but this should not prevent you and your company from moving forward. The construction industry is the second least digitised one in the world and this is not helping it to better perform and profit today.

In football (or soccer if you are American!), people say “don't change a winning team”, but in business if you follow this tactic , you will eventually lose. You don’t want to be trapped in time losing money as you don’t want to risk something that was safe.

->No, I am a bit lost here after the time travel. I came to the future after all!

Great! This means you and your company kept being top notch as time went by.

  • You constantly kept an eye on the improvements you could and should do.

  • You do realise technology are gadgets to support you outperform your competitors and even yourself.

  • You know that time saved equals money saved, and the better finances the company has, the better it is for all - the owner, the employees, the society and the country’s economy.

Innovation Is Here to Be Celebrated

Innovation not for the sake of it, but for continuously seeking more efficiency. Company process, projects and products should follow the continuous improvement methodology - plan-do-check-act (PDCA). If you can do things better, easier or faster why shouldn’t you!?

The construction market has many state of the art technologies at its disposal and must make the best out of it to digitise itself and go beyond. From software as next-generation ERP, BIM, EDMS to robots, exoskeleton, drones, 3D printers, the industry can grow a lot with innovation.

Imagine what these two forces - technology and construction - could achieve together.

Archdesk Continuous Development

Here at Archdesk, innovation is our motto. We understand that sustainable change happens with consistent, small improvements at a time. For this, we need to keep innovating.

We listen to valuable feedback from our team, our clients and the market to evolve in order to better support our customers to achieve efficiency and success. If each of our users can save 1 hour per week, this means a lot when looking through the years.

How about you? Do you want to know how you can improve your team's efficiency and increase the overall company's profitability?

I want to find out!

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