Into the Future of Construction:

An Ode of Technology


Churchill used to say, “We build the buildings and they build us”, which means that as long as construction keeps developing, we can also make a profit! How does technology impact the industry’s development? Check out today’s article to find out!

Last year greeted us all with a global pandemic disrupting our lives without notice. However, we somehow managed to survive and continued working in the “new normal”. Now, imagine being back in 1918 during the time of the raging Spanish flu pandemic with no technology whatsoever to help with living and working in those circumstances for two years before it is finally over.

It sounds surreal and impossible, doesn’t it? But that was the reality our ancestors had to face without complaining about the lack of any amenities to fall back on. Thankfully, the flu did not last forever. Otherwise, it would have been incredibly harsh to carry on for much longer with no access to technology to help with working from home.

In the 21st century, we very often take for granted many aspects of our lives, whether it’s education, healthcare or, indeed, technology. We wrongly pay little attention to their significance and underestimate their power in our everyday lives. This is why it is essential to pause for a moment and acknowledge the importance and the influence of each and every one of these spheres on a day-to-day basis.

The Power of Technology in Construction

As Sir Arthur Charles Clarke once said:


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”


And the English science-fiction writer was not mistaken. Technology is bringing about immense positive changes in a progressively shorter time every year as has never been seen before.

Therefore, it is safe to say that we are witnessing the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Although some technologies are still to be developed and others are in the middle of research and development, a great number of them are already accessible and ready to be implemented!

Just like technology, construction is yet another huge factor in our quality of life. Since life as we know it is built and sustained by construction, we rely on it 24/7 without even realising. So, given the massive demand for construction services and the constant evolution of its market, the industry should take advantage and benefit from technological advancements, which can offer some necessary changes.

The trouble is that the construction market is estimated to be the second least digitised one in the entire world and is far from embracing technology globally. Having said that, imagine for a brief moment and try to picture the bright future of the construction industry a world where these two forces meet and closely collaborate on a daily basis.

Great achievements and prosperity are only a few of the possible benefits! All your problems are anticipated and prevented before they even appear, as the technology works seamlessly with smooth integration and is commanded entirely by the human mind.

Can you picture it? Now, consider the present and take your time to look around you. There are plenty of brand new opportunities that are at arm’s length, offering the solutions for your problems and preventing future ones. If you wish for this to be your company’s reality, come and join Archdesk Next Generation ERP. This is the direction we are embarking on!

The Future of Construction

What is the future of the construction industry? Undoubtedly the future is closely connected to technology and its advancement. There is no bad legacy with technology as it evolves continuously.

Therefore the key to success for the construction industry is the application of innovation, experimentation with new solutions, planning, testing, making corrections, and, most importantly, learning from the mistakes. There is no point in going down the wrong path that you have already tried and failed on.

Instead, support your company in moving forward by seeking new efficient measures and by embracing activities that people are actually good at and that truly bring more value to your construction company. In order to progress, you need to act quickly and make the changes required for your company’s growth.

If we introduce technology into the construction market, the construction industry will benefit from a new level of efficiency, which means:

  • Directed by humans, machine-to-machine communications will make things clear, will mitigate all kinds of risks, will create less painful management, and will enable companies to reach zero waste onsite with higher safety

  • Companies will be able to reduce risks connected to assigning employees to dangerous tasks on hazardous construction sites - drones are already successfully used in this area!

  • Streamline communication between your business and your projects

  • Technology will run virtual tests and will either fully execute the action or support workers to avoid errors

  • Information will be stored in one place, including history and building details - learn more about BIM processes!

  • Repeatable processes will be set to run automatically to reduce tedious manual tasks

  • Any instability will be digitally identified and set alerts for the needed action to take place

  • Data will be digitally managed with safety and no space for security breaches

Archdesk Continuous Development


“We are walking now on the fresh ground though - just like Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the Moon about 50 years ago - we plan to boldly walk and set high standards. ”
- Michal Mojzesz, CEO at Archdesk.


There is no doubt that Archdesk is continuously developing and constantly updating. In order to live up to our customers’ expectations, whose feedback we value deeply, we undergo inevitable changes, evolve and support consistent improvements. This is how we can achieve both success and efficiency in a short time.

At Archdesk, we offer smart solutions for the construction industry’s future, the ones that will help your company move forward, enable your team to have lighter management and even greater customer support. Together, we can move mountains and work miracles!

Contact us to see how innovative technology continuously changes construction companies all over the world!

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