How to Get Your Team Onboard with the PM Software


The key to successfully implementing a new tool in your business is to prepare your team for it and work with them to adapt to the new solutions. Here are tips for you to make the process smoother.

Changes never come easily and selecting Project Management software for your team, for your company, may come as a challenge. But considering the current times, the Coronavirus pandemic that has spread, and the fact that more and more we are made aware of the benefits of being able to work remotely, having a look at a cloud based software that would cover your Project Management needs is key! Here are some tips and tricks to help you out in getting your team on board with the PM software solution of your choosing:


Get your team involved!

In order to succeed in getting your team onboard with the new Project Management software, you need to get them rolling up their sleeves and get them involved in the decision-making process. They will use this app on a daily basis so they are entitled to have their say in this. You need to know if this will help them or hinder them. You need to know if it will increase their work load or reduce it. You need to listen to them, get them involved from day 1. This way they will be able to agree with your choice and accept your decision - even show engagement!


Show them the benefits

Your team will be more likely to adopt a software solution that they are able to understand. If they are able to see the benefits of using the tool they will surely use it! They might even be eager to help you implement it as fast as possible. If you don't explain to your team and show them how the cloud based software will enable them to work faster/better and with more precision and will not hold them back, they will likely refuse to use it or use it just because they are forced to do so - and trust me, you don’t want that! In the world today, when everyone wants to be able to work remotely, having cloud based software that allows them to do that (and implemented remotely, with the pairing up of online training) is a blessing! Not to mention that storing information in the cloud is secure and you have a backup - a failsafe model. Most infrastructures have “self-healing” mechanisms.


Communicate, Communicate, and...COMMUNICATE!

During the Implementation Process, you need to be able to have a constant flow of information: a river, not a swamp! You need to be able to see clearly the information flowing between your team, your designated Champion/Admin and Implementation Consultant that brings the solution to your team. You need to make sure that the Implementation Consultant understands the company and what it needs. Better to be safe than sorry and have things clearly spelled out and in writing after each meeting.


Training, Support & Constant Feedback

When looking into the right subcontractor management software for your team and your company, make sure you think things through from A to Z - not only choosing it and implementing it but also what comes after (post-implementation). What type of training does the company provide? Will there be any online or onsite training? How much will it cost for the additional training sessions? Is there a Knowledge Database that the people can search and look into themselves, to find answers? Your team will need all the help they can get, in the beginning, until they have learned the system. Subcontractor management software is not a piece of cake, but neither are they hard to learn - it just takes patience and a bit of practice.

As solution providers, the company where you have bought the project management software will also be interested in your honest feedback - this is how they learn and develop new features, so they are eager to hear from you as well! For your team, it will be important to speak out - it will mean acknowledging their input; for the subcontractor management software company it will mean that you are engaged as well - both parties win!

Choosing a PM software might scare you, but with the Coronavirus kicking in and keeping us at home, you need to look at a cloud ERP solution that would fit your needs. A solution that allows you to choose, sign the contract, implement, train and provide support remotely 100%. There are many companies on the market - just make sure you find the right fit for your business. There is no one size fits all!

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