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Did someone say HVAC? Yes, you heard correctly. Don’t act so surprised because the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning market is growing remarkably fast and the sooner you realise its potential, the more advantage you gain. Thus, if you want to learn more about the HVAC industry and its upcoming trends (and we really recommend that), you should find this article extremely helpful.

Whether you are familiar with the HVAC industry or are just starting off, this article is for you. We will walk you through this market step by step, explain all the essential information you need to know about it and answer any questions you may have concerning the HVAC. Also, you will discover HVAC industry trends that are currently gaining popularity. Sounds about right? Let’s go then!

What is HVAC?

Let’s start from the beginning. The term HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Its primary function is to provide heating and cooling services to both residential and commercial buildings.

HVAC refers to the technology of environmental comfort within a confined space. It gives thermal comfort and acceptable air quality within that environment and makes up a significant part of modern building design.

Not only is HVAC technology essential in construction designs, but it is also crucial in the vehicular design, such as cars, trains, planes or buses. Who doesn’t take air-conditioning in a car for granted? Guilty! We are so used to feeling comfortable that we stopped noticing the little things that make it possible. It helps us adapt to extreme weather conditions by regulating temperature and humidity levels.

The Industry’s Growth

The HVAC industry is constantly evolving and growing despite a raging pandemic and a dragged on forever lockdown. These events have only confirmed and ensured its strong position in the market - it is predicted that the industry will reach up to 13% growth by 2028.

The employment numbers also look very promising for the HVAC industry. According to experts, HVAC jobs will grow 15% between 2016-2026, showing that more people are and will be working in the HVAC than ever before, which brings optimism and encouragement for the future of the industry.

Given the statistics, it looks like the HVAC industry is already holding itself very well in 2021. Nonetheless, we need to remember that the world is ever changing and with it the industry’s needs. This is why instead of slowing down now, follow up the recent and upcoming trends of the HVAC industry.

The HVAC Industry Trends

We have already established that the HVAC industry is doing very well and its future looks brighter than ever. Keeping that in mind, nobody wants to become stagnant as constant development is always a good sign of a well-prospering business. This is why instead of resting on your laurels, you should be on the lookout for the newest tendencies and trends of the industry that concerns you.

To make life simpler for you, we have created a list of the upcoming trends of the HVAC industry, so have a look and take notes:

  • 01

    Eco-friendly HVAC systems
    There is a consistently growing trend for “going green”. This means that developing products and equipment that lower heating and cooling consumption while creating a green and more environmentally friendly process should be your main concern now. Eco-friendly HVAC systems are currently in demand, so make sure your company can offer that.

  • 02

    Connectivity & The Internet of Things (IoT)
    Wi-Fi-enabled products can do wonders. Thanks to the IoT, you can easily monitor and control temperatures, airflows and the humidity levels of a building from the comfort of your home using your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, the software-enabled HVAC systems collect data and compile it into reports to identify past performance, which can be used to inform preventive maintenance and identify the source when something malfunctions for faster repairs.

  • 03

    Managing your HVAC company manually is nowadays a rare sight and this is not without a reason. Why would you bother trying to control everything, from technical support to invoicing, manually when there are many valuable platforms and software tools available on the market that can do it for you? Adopting a complete management solution will not only streamline task management at your company, but it will also allow your HVAC business to operate more efficiently while maintaining project accountability.

  • 04

    Smart technology
    Technology has reached such levels that different sensors can “communicate” with each other. This means that these systems can track the conditions indoors as well as outdoors. For example, if one part of the building doesn’t have direct access to sunlight, the smart HVAC technology will blow more heat during winter and less AC during summer. Or, when the smart blinds are installed, the system can open and close the blinds based on the position of the sun.

  • 05

    Geothermal Heating and Cooling
    Geothermal systems use the Earth’s natural heat energy as a resource for heating and air conditioning. This solution is both sustainable and effective. Geothermal system takes advantage of the ground’s constant temperature in order to heat or cool a building. A geothermal heat pump uses a network of fluid-filled pipes buried underground - an eco-friendly solution for warming and cooling a building.

HVAC Industry Challenges

Now, when you have discovered HVAC industry trends whose popularity will only grow in the future, it is worth mentioning the connected risks. All these HVAC trends create excellent opportunities to acquire new clients but also might be a challenge for older, not so digitalised companies. For example, the Internet of Things or Smart technologies might evoke a more substantial need for faster, better and more innovative solutions offered by the companies.

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