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Recently we talked about the challenges for the HVAC sector. But what about the solutions? Is there a way for companies to modernise their processes, attract new clients without costly investments? In today's article, we will try to find the answer that will probably change the way you think about innovations!

What kind of difficulties do you encounter while managing your HVAC business? For example, do you feel it is hard to find good, experienced employees? Or do you have a feeling that technologies and clients' needs are changing so fast that you cannot keep up with them?

If you feel like that, you are not alone! Actually, these are often shared challenges in the HVAC sector. Luckily, they are not unsolvable! In this article, we will try to look for solutions together. Who knows, maybe they are much easier to find than you think?

What are the Challenges of the HVAC Industry?

Before we talk about the solutions, let's define the specific pain points of the HVAC companies:

  1. High demand for heating/air-conditioning appliances during summer and winter vs the lack of clients during the rest of the year

  2. The ageing workforce and the lack of young, experienced employees

  3. Problems with team management and proper communication with employees working on projects in various locations

  4. Highly competitive market composed of many small businesses operating locally

  5. Modern technologies approaching the market and completely changing the way in which the company functions

  6. High demand from clients for modern, smart HVAC appliances

  7. Decarbonisation demand legislated in the UK causing significant changes in laws and regulations

  8. The growing costs of managing the company

If you want to read more about each of these challenges, check out our previous article

What Can You Do to Support Your Company?

  • 01

    Team Management Problems -> Construction Management Platform
    Time is crucial. To properly manage a project, you need to be sure that information between you and your team members flows in the shortest possible time. It is hard to obtain if you use traditional tools, resulting in miscommunication, lack of transparency of processes and delays.

    How can you change that? Many companies decide to invest in modern construction management software (platform) that supports them in daily processes. Such technology connects all employees, gathers from them crucial information, and shows it in easy-to-comprehend charts. Sometimes, it also automatically calculates the company's project progress or financial situation. Since the HVAC companies have to go to clients' locations to install the appliances, make sure such software is cloud-based! It means that you can connect to it anytime, anywhere, and there is no delay in the communication flow.

  • 02

    Stiff Competition and High Clients' Needs -> Modern Technology
    As we mentioned before, the HVAC sector is characterised by small, local enterprises. Such an environment favours competition primarily in terms of prices. It is a compelling way to attract many clients. However, it is easy to fall into the trap of constant promotions and discounts that place you on a fine line between profitability and financial fiasco.

    What you can do is find your niche, modernise and stay ahead of the competition. Nowadays, a lot of clients seek unique and digital solutions, such as the AC that they can control from their smartphones. At the same time, customers are more aware of sustainability and climate changes. That is why they appreciate the technology that helps them save energy, such as the AC that switches off automatically when there is no need for it.

    Of course, it is hard to predict what your customers will appreciate. That is why we recommend doing research in your area, talking with your customers, and reading a lot about the emerging trends in the HVAC industry. One is sure. The customers will be willing to pay more if the services have an exceptional quality and offer something new and unique on the market.

  • 03

    Modern Technology -> Make sure you don’t buy a pig in a poke
    You might be surprised, as we have just proposed modern technology as a solution for your previous problem. Well, the story with digitalisation is not so simple. Digital solutions create a fantastic opportunity to streamline processes and boost productivity. But, on the other hand, we are scared of things that we cannot comprehend. When it comes to digital solutions, they often seem too complicated or redundant.

    This could not be further from the truth! Many digital solutions offer free demonstrations where professionals show you exactly how the specific technology can support your business. Also, after the purchase, you can count on the implementation team that will teach you how to use it during the training.

    Remember! Before investing in modern technology, you must make sure that a vendor offers a demo before and implementation process after the purchase!

  • 04

    Decarbonisation Demand -> Adapt the Changes to your Possibilities
    The topic of environmental changes is getting more and more serious. The government will sooner or later start to push the economy to reach zero net target goal. Of course, such measures are needed but, at the same time, many companies fear that it will mean the rise of fixed costs.

    The solution here depends on your savings for investments. If they are high, you can look for eco-friendly HVAC systems that will be beneficial for your business and tempting for your potential customers. However, let’s say you cannot afford significant investments. In that case, you can always start with baby steps, for example, by reducing the carbon footprint in your processes and maximising the renewable energy resources.

The Changes in the Sector You Cannot Control

Unfortunately, as a single company, you have no impact on the ageing workforce or on the fluctuating demand periods. However, we believe that thanks to the implementation of the modern solutions mentioned above, you will minimise their impact on your company!

To give you an example, thanks to modern project management solutions, you can:

  • schedule your work better and see how busy are your employees with current projects

  • conduct some processes faster and save time for other projects thanks to automation

  • have a view over the company's accountability anytime you want, minimising the uncertainty of the company's future

Modern technologies, like IoT or exoskeletons, can support you well, doing the work that would not be safe enough for older employees. It can also be a good solution for inexperienced employees since a proper training and adequate implementation processes give them the knowledge they need!

What About the Cost?

Probably this aspect is the one that concerns you the most. Let's face it. You cannot make any investment without additional costs. However, before you resign from any changes, we want to highlight:

  1. You do not have to make all investments at once, risking your financial stability. Some changes can be done gradually, like slow decarbonisation of processes. Also, you can slowly expand your offer with modern devices and observe how it will impact your sale.

  2. Some investments are costly in the short run but they can help you save money in a longer perspective. For example, well-used construction management software can help you conduct projects without delays, errors or extra costs.

  3. The government will probably support such a significant change for the whole economy that is decarbonisation demand. This can mean some additional programmes and financial help for your business! We always try to inform you with up-to-date news from the construction industry, so if you don’t want to miss out:

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A Proper Mindset - The Key to Success!

What do you think about these challenges now? Do new technologies remain something uncertain and mysterious for you? Or maybe, you feel that they could support the modernisation and stimulation of your processes?

We hope that this article helped you realise that some challenges are blockers only in our heads. In real life, they can be an excellent opportunity with a proper plan and mindset.
In Archdesk, we believe that innovation is a key to any progress. That is why, if you would like to learn how modern technologies can modernise your business, we are here to help!
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