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Enquiry & Designs

Increase efficiency with defined processes
Don’t let your client wait for a response to their enquiry. Define a step-by-step process for your sales and estimating teams to assure the highest service level. You set up a process in a way that some stages cannot be skipped and responsibility for them is divided between Teams and specific Roles. Use ToDos to assign tasks to specific team members and see what tasks are overdue just in one click.

Track progress in Design preparation with Archdesk processes. Configure Approval stages accordingly to your company structure. Set specific timelines for draft preparations and approvals, and notify team members about deadline coming up. Storage drawings in Archdesk, assigned to a particular project. Change files visibility so that the team always has access to the newest files, without comparing multiple versions.


Transparent take-off without mistakes
As construction material take-off is the central part of preparing the project’s budget, it’s vital to streamline this process in complex projects. Describe the take-off process for your estimators’ team to assure they count all necessary raw materials and prefabricated components. Set up additional approvals and submittals review with designers and suppliers to prevent wasting money on inappropriate materials.

Quality and quantity in place
Create Bills of Quantities in Archdesk instead of fighting with endless Excel equations. Assign type of the item and quantifying unit relevant to it. Accurately calculate quantity for hard to measure materials like concrete or asphalt. Add notes, drawings, or photos to specific items listed on BOQ to assure they meet their requirements described in the blueprints. Manage access to the blueprints versions, so estimator work always on actual documentation.


Shorten time spend on creating a quote by 20%
The quote creation process may take a lot of time and effort, so why not automate it partially? Create quote templates for each type of project. Archdesk will automatically add the right template in each project you start. Split each position into categories for easier expenses tracking in the budget. Automatically attach Payment terms and all gathered files to the issued quote. Set up the approval process specifical to your company so that all stakeholders come into the decision process when it’s the right time for it. Send a quote to a Client directly via Archdesk so that he may approve it just in one click.

Intuitive workflow and seamless information flow
Quote approved by a client is a core of the project. We understand it, so other data and documents may be linked to it. Create Purchase Orders based on positions in the quote. Input data for the Valuation in a few clicks, automatically generate valuation reports and then issue invoices based on them. All the financial data are automatically summarized on Financial Dashboard to streamline communication between Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, and Accounting.

Construction planning

Work schedule in an affordable form
Define work tasks based on similar projects you’ve done before. Put estimated activity duration on schedule in a few clicks. You can mark precedence relationships among activities on schedule to avoid putting yourself with an impossible work plan. Thanks to all of this, you’ll get a realistic work schedule with achievable deadlines - no more stress connected with missing the dates.

Resource requirements estimation
Based on schedule and designs, you can create a list of all resources needed for work activities. Estimate necessary labour, the amount of materials required for each activity, and the total cost of the activity. Track resources availability to identify possible bottlenecks. All this information will help you with future project monitoring and cash flow planning.

Tendering & Procurement

You don’t have to spend hours comparing quotes in different spreadsheet formats. Prepare inquiry and send it to all potential subcontractors. Receive all offers in the same format, for easy and transparent comparison. All you have to do is choose the best bid or let Archdesk propose the best offer based on specified criteria.

Send POs to all your subcontractors and suppliers just in one click. Keep all information and invoices assigned to the project for up-to-date budget insights. Define custom PO approval processes. Automate communication with Stock Manager to assure that every material order is delivered complete.

Construction delivery

Track work progress on your site
Map detailed step-by-step process on specific types of work and keep an eye on their execution. You can track work progress and subcontractors presence on-site to avoid work gaps and downtime on site. Automatically start repeatable processes like work valuation made by a quantity surveyor.

Staying in the schedule as easy as pie
Observe stages progress day by day to predict possible delays. Keep an eye on subcontractors deadlines and overdue. Mark availability of teams and assetson schedule so that they can always be on-site when they’re needed. Get updates from the site in real-time.

Tenant & Handover

Prepare the list of necessary Handover documentation and assure that project information models consists of all the required documents, including details of any changes made, operational and maintenance information, metered utilities information, tenant management, fit-out and more. Add processes for the creation of additional documentation like building log book or health and safety file. Keep all the documentation in projects storage to share it easily with other responsible team members.

Create a detailed checklist for snagging to avoid complaints from the tenant side and assure that all defects will be reported before the rectification period pass. Put all updates about rectifies made, with detailed description and photos, always to get the certificate of making good defects at the end of defects liability period.

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