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Replace time-consuming manual tasks with an easy-to-use, fast, and flexible system. Align your organization; from project & resource management, through business operations, to finances, using tried and tested processes.

& Finances

Archdesk allows you to keep track of all your expenses and costs, along with exchanging the data with your current Accounting Software (Xero, Sage, Quickbooks Integration). You can also use Archdesk for labor and invoice management. Keep track of all of your contractors, set up tenders, and make better-informed choices on your projects based on historical data.

Planning & Estimation

Archdesk allows you to easily plan ahead - create a Gantt Chart for your Project and assign tasks in advance to your Employees or SubContractors. You can list and prioritize the tasks, assign owners for the tasks, set due dates and add dependencies between tasks.

Monitoring & Reporting

Archdesk helps you make decisions based on facts and figures (gathered in real-time) from all your Projects. It allows you to upload data at every step, store client info, make changes and manage work plans. You can stay on top of every project, no matter the stage it is in. Dashboards are customisable and show any type of data that your Project holds.

Clients & Billing

Access all client and vendor information, including purchase and order history, invoices, quotes, and payments. Manage stock inventory, receive alert notifications, and file orders in one place.

Construction / Production

Archdesk gets your team synchronized, allowing you to manage stages, deliverables, project changes, specialists, project milestones, employee timesheets, assets and more. The Processes will be clearly structured, the tasks will be scheduled properly and your team will work smoothly throughout the lifecycle of your Project.

HR & Operations

Archdesk allows you to manage your company from top to bottom. Schedule works, assign tasks, manage employees, and much more. Improve the productivity of your organization. You can go back to the information at any given time and find exactly what you are looking for - keeping track of your Projects and Assets has never been so easy!

Quality & Safety

Archdesk helps you protect your Employees and Assets by minimizing risks, hazards, accidents and near misses, through keeping track of all the valuable data inside your Projects. Having all data in one place and being able to do reports is crucial in improving your Quality & Safety Process. Archdesk understands that and helps you gather information, analyze reports and improve your processes at any given time.

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Speed-up, streamline, and automate a typically lengthy tendering process, saving time and money.

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Programme of Works

Improve your business by managing all your project aspects in one place.

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Document Management

Stay organized and in control by managing all your files and documents in one place.

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Workflow Management

Increase project efficiency, improve financial health, and stay on top of your processes.

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Budget Control

Track your expenses, profitability, payments, invoices and orders for every project.

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Production Control

Stay in control, even with the largest, most advanced production processes and projects.

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