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Archdesk's Team: Chris Muir Leading Archdesk Sales in the UK & Europe


Every company’s growth is closely linked to the people who join it to build it together. We are so proud to partner with highly experienced specialists from the industry! Meet Chris Muir who joins us as VP of Sales and discover his journey and what brought him to us.

As we enter a high-growth phase, we begin to onboard an A-team of trusted industry’s specialists. Welcome to the series of articles introducing the people of Archdesk who are building the future of construction.

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Were you hungry for more news? Wait no more! We’re happy to present our newest team member:

Chris Muir - joining us as Vice President of Sales, bringing 25+ years of experience in technology sales. He is passionate about the development of people and organisations, finding solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. He’s here to lead a well-oiled sales machine, driving the constant growth of the company!

Nothing Happens By Chance - The Patch To Construction

The road that takes us to our ultimate careers is different for everyone. Are you one of those people who have always known what they wanted to do from day one in secondary school? Did you have clear goals planned strategically to get you there? Well, Chris Muir was definitely not one of those people! The construction sales path for him was “an accident” as he calls it. It started from a simple need to do something different and pitching up at a company making ZX Spectrums and Commodore64’s. Not entirely sure yet on what to do next, Chris found himself working in a warehouse where he quickly learnt about inventory and supply chains. This experience led him to material planning and then purchasing. After seeing the exciting environment and a lot of fun that the sales guys were having, he decided to pursue this road.

Chris Muir

It started by accident and now, 25 years on, I've been fortunate enough to work for leaders in the industry and with some of the largest organisations in the world as customers. That journey has taken me all around the globe meeting wonderful people from diverse backgrounds, all while learning the skill of selling.

The sales became his specialisation and his bread and butter. But what about construction? Well, as we know - the best way to learn is from your own experience, isn’t it? This is how Chris caught the bug of digital transformation in construction - by witnessing the lack of it.

Chris's introduction to the construction industry first started 10 years ago when he embarked on a large extension project around his house. He was project managing the whole thing and quickly got an insight into various elements that count towards making a construction project a success. It became very clear for him how complex the whole process is, how much manual work is involved and how much information was held in disparate places, resulting in inefficiencies and delays that seemed to be all just too common.

Chris Muir

Through my recent experience, those first impressions have only been endorsed as the organisations I dealt with all these years, had similar challenges. Siloed data, systems that don’t integrate, manual process, lack of digital transformation and outdated solutions so commonly used.

Introducing digital solutions to the sector and watching it being successful in helping companies transform their back offices is something Chris is very proud to have achieved and been a part of.

Common Goals for Common Challenges

What brings people together? What makes them leave their comfort zone and search for a new place to grow their potential? We believe it’s a goal. A very clear, specified goal that lies at the core of any change. This goal for both Archdesk and Chris - is the digital transformation of construction. This is what connected us and allowed us to build the cooperation aimed at achieving this mission.

Chris Muir

I focus on the continuous development of people and organisations. Archdesk excites me because of the opportunity it gives me to continue with my own development while being a part in helping organisations access a solution that will enhance their business.

The issues the construction industry is facing are not unlike those across many sectors, but this industry was behind the change curve in the adoption of technology for a long time. In order to address the issues like the lack of automation, data accuracy and collaboration, we need to understand and then introduce new solutions, created specifically to solve those challenges. The future of construction is dependent on the actions we undertake now.

Chris Muir

Providing a solution that is a game-changer for the industry while building an organisation that values itself, its teams and its customers - this is my focus now. I’m excited to be helping Archdesk continue to amaze in the industry while developing the structure and practices that will make us the go-to partner for technology in the sector.

This cooperation has a very promising future and we can’t wait to see Chris’s growth alongside Achdesk!

Speaking of growth - do you want to know more about how Archdesk is addressing the crucial needs of construction companies? We are more than happy to show you!

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