Increasing productivity in a construction company during coronavirus crisis


Preventing time waste, controlling the time spent on your projects, protecting your data is all key in increasing the productivity of your construction company. Now, more than ever, we need to manage and monitor it accurately.

Productivity is one of the key fundamentals of a steady company’s growth. Unfortunately, it’s also challenging to monitor and increase it when you have to change a huge part of your processes over a short period of time due to covid19 crisis. Many companies face this challenge now, as they did not have a proper solution in place when the crisis began.

The construction industry was the least digitized sector in the EU, and we are reaping the fruits of this problem right now. Companies have to keep abreast of ongoing projects, enable remote work for employees, monitor their work, stay in touch with clients and stay in budgets all at the same time.

It’s always tricky to organize everything and avoid chaos and exhaustion. 70% of contractors believe that advanced technologies can increase productivity. Here are a few tips on where to start:

Prevent time waste

According to IDC’s Information Worker Survey – workers were wasting up to 2.5 hours per day just searching for what they needed; digging through files, organizing the information flow, asking for missing documents.

The situation has not improved much since then New research has shown that 441,827,088 days a year are spent by UK employees on unnecessary tasks.

How can we change that with the use of modern technology?

Use a document management tool
Stay organized and in control by managing all your files and documents in one place. It’s easy to implement solutions for chaotic document exchange, storage and historical data search. By keeping all files in one place, you create an organized platform for yourself and your employees.

Control your projects

It’s even more crucial now, to keep your projects under control and your client communication clear and monitored. There will be some delays, of course. But they will be monitored and managed since in project management software; you can keep an eye on specific stages of each project and act accordingly to the situation - upfront! The goal is to have:

control over workflows

easy access to information online

Changing a whole work system is hard, but changing processes to make the company more productive is easier than you think. You just need the right tool. Easier supervision thanks to cloud based software and a clear view of ongoing tasks boost productivity more than you can imagine.

Manage your tasks remotely

Over recent months we learned how important it is to be able to switch to remote work in the blink of an eye. Something that for many companies was undoable - became a necessity almost overnight.

As research showed even before the crisis, remote workers can be 20-25% more productive than their onsite colleagues. And right now, the ability to work online was not only the right choice for productivity - it was the matter of personal health.

Being able to protect your employees (and your company at the same time) you are keeping the productivity up! How does digitization help? By offering cloud-based construction management software that allows you to:

assign the tasks and monitor their completion remotely

generate reports to track the project’s stages online

Protect your data

In times of cyber attacks becoming more and more dangerous, protecting your company’s data is more critical than ever. Make sure you’re safe on that matter; nothing kills productivity quicker than having to start everything from scratch all over again.

One thing you need to pay attention to is to thoroughly check the online solution you are considering for managing your company. Moving your business to the cloud is a serious decision, and it needs to be done responsibly. The software you’re going to use needs to be secure. GDPR and user access are important factors when choosing a cloud provider.

Keep these tips in mind

Look for innovative solutions - If you’re going to invest, invest in modern software that meets the latest standards.

Think about scalability - Is the software able to change in order to fit your company in the long term? While buying a wholesome solution for your company, you’re probably going to stick to it for a long time, make sure it can grow with your busines.

Prepare an implementation plan - Remember to prepare the rest of the company for implementation. There’s no point investing in new software if your employees will not be on board with learning how to use it. Get them also involved in the decision process - this way, they will be more keen into getting the new tool to work.

We hope our few tips will help you start boosting your productivity and show you that even a tiny change, can make a change.

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