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Roofing Sector: How to Get Ahead of the Competition

Digitalise your Processes with Archdesk


How can your business survive in the roofing market and get ahead of the competition? The solution may be the digitalization of your processes with proper project management. What features should ERP software have to support roofing companies properly? Find out!

How can I get ahead of the competition? This question might turn out to be crucial for roofing companies in 2021. According to predictions, the roofing market is expected to decline by 20% this year. Why is this number so significant? One of the reasons might be the coronavirus pandemic, but researchers also highlight market specifics like low entry barriers and high competition. Surviving in such an environment is a challenge. Let’s take a look at what your company needs to do to be better than the competition!

The Biggest Challenge for Roofing Companies

Remind yourself of the beginnings of your business. Probably, the company was not so big, dealing with smaller projects and managing all financial aspects in one Excel spreadsheet. After some time, the company grew and increased the number of projects executed at the same time. Even though your company changed, there is a chance you still use the same tools to manage it like Excel Files and Google Drive. Does this sound a little bit familiar?

As you may have guessed, this is the reality of many companies in the roofing sector. They use well-known solutions like Excel and Google Drive, even though they are no longer applicable to their needs. It is especially burdensome when the company is rapidly growing. Updates and calculations in Excel or finding the proper documents in Drive take ages and are not scalable. The need emerges for something better that will fit new needs and will grow with the company. So if these tools are not suitable for your company, what is?

The answer is simple: the digitalization of the processes. Good project management software can be a great support in daily tasks and a stimulator for getting ahead of the competition. However, before you choose some mass-produced off-shelf solution, let’s first make a list of features that your company may need:

  • Support of processes from A to Z

  • Data accessible anytime/anywhere by the entire team

  • Up-to-date information about the financial situation of the company

  • Integration with other tools - eg. accounting software

  • All information and documents stored in one place

  • Easy communication between team members inside the platform

How Can Archdesk Support Roofing Companies?

  • 01

    Focused on Your Processes

    Many project management solutions available on the market offer hundreds of functions, half of which do not fit your business perfectly. At Archdesk, we focus on your needs! During the implementation process, we go through your company’s workflow and adapt the software to your projects and the internal processes that you have inside the company. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our ERP will be helpful because it's tailored to your needs!
    Learn more about the Implementation Process!

  • 02

    Cloud-based Solution

    Archdesk ERP is a cloud-based solution, which means that it is available anytime and anywhere for all employees with access to the system. You can log in from the office, home or construction site and always have a view of the up-to-date situation with data. This solution is beneficial especially during the coronavirus pandemic when some employees often have to work remotely.

  • 03

    Financial Dashboard: Up-to-date Financial Overview

    In Archdesk, you can see the financial situation inside the:

    • Financial dashboard for the whole company

    • Financial dashboards for each project

    In both situations, the information is updated live with every change made by any of the system users. Archdesk allows you the opportunity to have a better view of the financial status of your company. It will allow both an eagle-eye view of all the projects you currently have running- through the custom dashboards; and a deeper understanding of each project by accessing the Financial Dashboard inside each project. Thanks to this, you do not have to go through dozens of Excel files to calculate how your company is managing financially. With Archdesk, that information is only two clicks away!
    Learn more about Budgeting!

  • 04

    Integration with QuickBooks, Xero, Sage and Beyond

    All construction work is connected to invoices and purchase orders. We are aware that using different systems for project management and accounting may be inconvenient. That is why Archdesk can integrate with accounting systems (like QuickBooks, Xero or bluQube). There is no need to switch between systems and enter the data twice! Enter the data in Archdesk and activate the connection- data will flow into the accounting software that you use, based on the Nominal Codes and the Business Contacts setup in the system. This solution is beneficial as it minimizes the risk of mistakes in re-entering data and saves time!
    Learn more about Software Integrations!

  • 05

    Deeper Control Over Each Project

    If you are managing many different projects at the same time, Archdesk can help you keep on top of things. In the software, you can, with only a few clicks, see how the completion of the project is going, how it stands financially, and manage any changes. Also, documents can be stored in the system per project, so there is no risk of documentation loss. If your company manages many projects in different parts of the city or other cities, you can use the Live Project Map. The view shows all current projects, and from there, you can click to see more data.
    Learn more about the Programme of Works and how to take care of Documentation!

    As you can see, managing your company does not have to mean hours spent on updating Excel sheets and calculating. You need to take this opportunity and choose the best solution for you! We are aware that, at first, ERP software may look too complex and complicated to use, but if you choose carefully, one software can support all your processes and make your work much easier. Nowadays, if you want to stay competitive on the market, you need to work smart! We are here to help you!
    Join us today and enjoy a thriving business tomorrow!

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